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Jet noise northbound and southbound over Central District and Capitol Hill

Are you like me and have you noticed the startling nonstop roar of jets – some close enough to read the numbers or names of the airlines – tracking directly over 12th or 15th Avenue South northbound and southbound to and from Seatac?

Check out this link from a blogger whose note I learned a lot about what we are missing to quantify our being subjected to this horrific noise pollution: a noise monitor.

I would love to hear from anyone who can help us organize and stand up for our right not to be disproportionately subjected to this noise pollution and possible chemical pollution. The low altitude of the jets (we are on a ridge and they are supposed to maintain a certain altitude) must of some concern to us as well as neighborhoods.

I firmly believe that while we might be tuning this out or “used to it” it affects us subliminally.

Thank you! My name is Patty and I can be reached at [email protected]

0 thoughts on “Jet noise northbound and southbound over Central District and Capitol Hill

  1. We have noticed what seems like an uptick in flights and that they are sometimes REALLY low!
    I often wondered not only about noise pollution but the pollution from the planes themselves flying that low.
    It doesn’t seem like there would be that much of an opportunity for pollution from the jet engines to disperse given the low altitude that they fly over the CD and other areas.
    I plan on taking full advantage of the links provided in the other blog to find more information and hopefully get things changed.

  2. There has been some decrease here around 20th and 21st where for sometime we suffered disproportionately. I sympathize as until most people experience it they don’t understand and tend to dismiss the complaints as not serious. Another venue for talking about this would be community council meetings as most respond to concerns brought to them by community members.

  3. yeah, that 3rd runway sure cut down on the 23rd corridor noise level. Can you equate the start of the noise over on 12th to roughly when the new runway opened?

  4. My house literally shakes soemtimes when the planes dip down over 23rd. The house is sound, I think it’s just physics of sound waves and the fact that I am on the side of the hill. It was especially bad when the cloud cover is low. I really felt, and sometimes still feel, like my house is being buzzed by the blue angels.

    Not so much after the third runway was built. I thought they were staying higher longer on approach. Guess they just moved further west.

    Bad news is, there always will be people in a city affected by airplane noise. Question is, can they tweak the approach to not be so low until nearer to the airport? It is always worse in the summer. More of them and we have our windows open.