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Central District Spots Get “Best-Of” Awards

Today the Weekly released their annual best-of list, and a lot of great Central District spots made the list:

Best Sisterly Love in the CD goes to Hidmo:

Rahwa Habte, who cooks and organizes most of the restaurant’s events, notes that “there aren’t places in the Central District that have live shows. So we wanted something that’s accessible, where people can walk in and see people that look like them doing art, and hopefully that inspires them.”

Best Music Venue That Isn’t One goes to 20/20 Cycles:

There, amid walls adorned with bike parts and hanging wheels, you can catch up-and-coming bands as well as local institutions like Karl Blau and the Dead Science. Snarky wannabe fashion plates are all but nonexistent here. Best of all, it’s OK (well, if you’re sneaky about it) to bring in your own booze, thereby saving yourself the five bucks you’d otherwise spend on a watered-down whiskey-ginger.

Best Red Velvet Cake goes to Bella Dolce in Madison Valley:

“Magenta cakes are all over this town, but Bella Dolce’s red velvet cake—really good as a cupcake, fantastic if you can commit to a 6-inch ($25) or a 9-inch ($35) cake—is one of the best, with a moist crumb, a cream-cheese frosting that’s not overpoweringly cheesy, a hint of Dutch-process cocoa, and a color most likely a combination of FD&C 40 and FD&C 3.”

Best Place for a High-Heeled Date goes to The Harvest Vine, in Madison Valley:

A nibblet of perfectly tender calamari or a snifter of foie gras will whet your appetite for rich fare like suckling pig or braised venison, while simple dishes will surprise you with their nuanced delicacy. Sautéed with golden raisins, pine nuts, and cream sherry, the longstanding spinach dish offers a near-perfect blend of herbal flavor punctuated by nutty richness.

Best Hidden Gem off Lake Washington Blvd goes to Leschi Mart:

Venture inside this unprepossessing, multi-generation, family-owned market along Lake Washington, and you’ll find a fantastic meat counter and one of the best wine selections in town

Best Viewpoint You’ve Never Heard Of goes to the new Mt. Baker Ridge Viewpoint Park:

A community-led project opened up the space down the street from the cafe and turned it into Mt. Baker Ridge Viewpoint Park. Finished a few months ago, it’s a serene little spot, with a steel-mesh deck inviting visitors to gaze at the newly landscaped ridge below, the neighborhoods that stretch beyond, and Seattle’s famous vista beyond that.

Best Late Night Illegal Drinking Hang-Out Spot for High-Schoolers goes to Leschi Park

Beautiful and completely hidden from busy Lake Washington Boulevard, Leschi Park is and has been for some time the preferred rendezvous spot for the underage partier.

0 thoughts on “Central District Spots Get “Best-Of” Awards

  1. Not personally a fan of Red Velvet cakes–so I can only say that I always see people buying them at Bella Dolce. But this reminds me that I’ve been meaning to write a nice review of Bella Dolce here on CDN.

    Glad to see they are getting some recognition, as I think a lot of people miss them on their way to Essential Bakery–which is maybe good in the LOCALS ONLY! sense of propriety one might feel if you eat at Bella Dolce. But, between us locals here on CDN, definitely check them out next time you’re in this part of the ‘hood.

  2. Yes, Leschi Market is a great market but don’t forget the in-house made sausage. Hands down, the best spicy fennel Italian sausage in all of western Washington! And I know should know – grew up in “Jerzee”
    Oh yeah, make sure you try the lamb sausage too!

  3. Oh my, it’s tons better than Essential…which long ago stopped making quality snacks. Their cookies are divine. And for a special summer grill, let’s say you have some guest in from out of town, I’d highly recommend buying some of their zucchini muffins (they have a different, more appropriate name for these), cut them in half and grill them. YUM!

    This place rules. People are supper friendly. Food delicious.

  4. Just wanted to add my 2 cents – have been going here for years. Best meats in the area esp for bbq. if you dont see what you want they will cut it for u with a smile.