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CD News Police Scanner – 7/20

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Monday, July 20, 2009

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  1. No the window was not open and no ladder was around. The police thought it was two kids one boosting the other one up to the window because its one of the only windows in the house without an alarm sensor on it.

  2. You guys are just amazing. Just heard at least 3 cop cars (saw 1 of them) scream by with sirens on in high pursuit and it is already on here by the time I check!

  3. Any word on the commotion/police activity at the 27th & Yesler apartment building around 7:00 tonight? After reading the collection of posts above, I think it may have been in response to the “suspicious circumstances” (the homeowner may have confronted some of the suspected burlarizing juvenilles?), but I really couldn’t deduce too much. I definitely witnessed a serious lack of parenting skills (morals, values, etc.) when a mother threatened to beat her child senseless–in front of the cops and after she had already hit him with a stick–if he was lying to her.

  4. My daughter’s daycare is right next door to this building, and the daycare provider said she saw some of the people on the bottom floor moving out, and it sounds like the family with the kids on the 2nd floor might move out soon too. Maybe there’s hope!