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CD News Police Scanner – 07/28

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Tuesday, July 28, 2009

0 thoughts on “CD News Police Scanner – 07/28

  1. I really don’t think this is police worthy. Most other countries in the world seem to have no problem with nude sunbathing, or at least topless sunbathing. Living in a concentrated city means not everyone has a backyard to use for sunbathing. I hope the police don’t waste their time on this call. It’s a victimless non-crime, in my opinion. Everybody has a body, so who cares?

  2. I am disappointed that the CD news did not have photos of this incident posted!

  3. I certainly don’t want Scott to work around the clock but this blog certainly shows that the scene after the dinner hour is much different than the day time scene which could be Bellevue with a few shoplifting incidents, yelling, minor vehicular events, etc. The truth is that this area does become a different place after dark and just looking at the day time events gives one a false impression. We have found out the hard way (through scary experience) where it is safe to let our teenager be in the evening and the restrictions grow daily. If we want an accurate view of life in the city, we need a volunteer to do the after dinner scanner work.

  4. I beg to differ. There is enough already with the crime blogging on this blog. No other community blog is all about crime crime crime.

    I agree that the daytime stuff is nearly stupid and almost a waste. I also appreciate knowing when there is a major shooting or riot. But, a weekly wrap up for most of this would probably suffice.

    People can turn on their computer and run the police scanner if they want to obsessively follow what the cops are doing 24×7.

  5. I don’t think the numbers support your assertion that it’s “all about crime crime crime”. Out of the 25 stories currently on the front page, 11 are about crime, and 5 of those are all about the same crime where a young man was killed, something that we think definitely warrants some coverage.

    I understand that some people don’t like the scanner. That’s fine! It should be easily avoidable. But according to our stats, a lot of people do like it and get value out of it, the “stupid” small crimes and all.

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