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CD & Capitol Hill Election Forum – Live

We’ll be starting the election forum at 6pm at Mt. Zion Baptist Church. You can follow it live here or on Twitter:


CDNLive : Forum getting started – school board district 5 up first

CHSLive : School Board pos 5 up first Cullen wisely opting to read her into statement

CHSLive : apparently tonight there is a wickedly irritating end of time buzzer

CDNLive : Joanna Cullen – motivated to run by recent school closures. Andre Helmstetter -daught went to tt minor, wants stronger school leaders

CHSLive : 1st quest: how would you help schools get fed money?

CHSLive : Helmstetter: need to get schools into compliance

CHSLive : Bass : We’re going after all funds already

CDNLive : Mary Bass:we’re already going after all of the federal funds. Have to make sure it reaches the right students, provide accountability

CHSLive : Smith-Blum keyword ‘fail’ District is failing

CHSLive : Q2: how to make sure kids can attend walking distance schools?

CHSLive : Helmstetter: key is to make sure all schools are high quality

CDNLive : Andre: some schools have more money and better programs than others. Have to make sure everyones school is one they want to attend

CHSLive : Bass: have to be concerned about equality in this

CHSLive : Smith-Blum: believer in neighborhood scools but need to reallocate resources to create insanely great schools

CHSLive : Cullen: I wouldn’t close TT Minor. High quality in every neighborhood

CHSLive : q3 what’s biggest barrier to quality? Bass: private vs public interest

CDNLive : Q: what is the biggest hurdle to great schools?

CHSLive : Cullen: the lack of community engagement. Private and public partnerships are 1 key to success

CDNLive : Andre: need common sense decisions, like controversial math curriculum. Need to communicate better with community about what works

CHSLive : kaplan: holding Seattle Econ back? Missed opportunities lost to suburbs

CHSLive : Licata: strong school system attracts strong businesses. Transit. Quality of life = strong Seattle econ

CHSLive : Bagshaw wearing power teal, Plants a biz casual suit, Bloom khaki and polo, Tobin looks like my boss if I had a boss

CDNLive : Tobin: more lighting, more youth activity,……. Plants: police aren’t the only answer. More funding for youth programs.

CDNLive : Bloom: need better realtionships with police and citizens, less punative, after school programs, not new jail

CDNLive : Q: what is your biggest strength? Worked with lots of groups, unions, helped first housing levy

CHSLive : biggest strength? Plants says his millitary experience, Tobin has organized ‘tons’ Off stage, Israel sez 1st time she’s seen Tobin

CHSLive : Bagshaw: I keep my mouth shut and I listen. Neighborhood plans should be built from ground, not top down

CDNLive : Q: what is the best way to unite people to solve problems? Bagshaw: listen. Tobin: bring people together … Plants: honesty is key

CHSLive : Tobin just punted on answer midsentence. Having a bit of a panic. “I’m having tough time here”

CHSLive : q about alcohol impact area program. Bagshaw sez she was told before forum that the AIA is working. Tobin sez to expand to city

CHSLive : Plants says AIA isn’t enough. Need better treatment programs

CHSLive : Bloom; AIA doesn’t address the problem. Underlying social issues need solutions

CDNLive : Plants- need to give people someplace to stay. Expand capacity of drunk tank. Bloom: doesN’t work, only moves the problem.

CDNLive : Q: plastic bag tax? Tobin, plants, bloom: yes. Bagshaw: no

CHSLive : position 8 gets ready for their session

CHSLive : Rusty Williams is madly in love w Seattle

CDNLive : Next up: council position 8 – mike obrien, rusty Williams, Bobby forch, David miller, Jordan royer, Robert rosen-crantz

CHSLive : Forch lives at 26 and Cherry. Home turf!

CDNLive : Position 8 photo

CHSLive : Royer touts his part in creating AIA

CHSLive : Rosencrantz: wants to be the ‘iron will’ on the council

CDNLive : Royer: focus on the basic services: safety, paving, etc

CDNLive : Forch: jobs is biggest focus. Brought office of Econ development to city

CHSLive : Forch: holds up his SDOT program as a model for efficiency. Hmmmm

CDNLive : Obrien: have city govmt make good investments in transportation, affordable housing. No downtown tunnel! Be smart with money

CHSLive : O’Brien makes first tunnel ref of the night. 2points!

CHSLive : Williams: Seattle is already the most beautiful city in the world. We need to preserve that environment

CHSLive : miller wants Seattle to be the epicenter of the next economic revolution – green jobs

CDNLive : Royer: environment crucial. Storm water runoff needs to be handled. Save Puget sound.

CDNLive : Obrien: want to lead in quality of life, where people can lead meaningful lives

CDNLive : Q: support council districts?

CHSLive : Forch: in favor of a hybrid district solution for city council

CDNLive : Miller: hybrid: 5 districts, plus 4 at-large seats, need some responsive to neighborhoods. Also: important to suck up to moderators

CDNLive : Rosencrantz: likes at-large, bug jobs. Also: grew up in cd

CDNLive : Rusty the R: “good argument either way”

CDNLive : Q: permanent locations for tent city? Y y y y n n . Q: cd/chs geography? All fail. Miller worst, forch (resident!) 2nd worst

CHSLive : Mayor time. Candidates being gathered

CDNLive : Next up: mayoral candidates. Proving hard to wrangle them to the stage

CDNLive : An enthusiastic nickels supporter just handed him a contribution envelope on stage

CHSLive : mayoral candidates take their sweet time

CDNLive : Candidates: Mike McGinn, James Donaldson, Greg Nickels, Joe Mallahan, Wyking Garrett, Jan Drago

CHSLive : fashion: McGinn relaxed bike rumpled collared shirt per usual, Donaldson looking tiki biz casual, Nickels sporting red tie, tennies

CDNLive : Wyking: from the cd, wants to change the status quo. Wants to invest in community-based institutions to solve youth violence

CHSLive : Mallahan sports slacks and tie, Garrett goes biz cas sans tie but w prominent belt clipped comm device, Drago in casino carpet jacket

CHSLive : Sigler in power pink

CDNLive : Norman Zigler just joined too –

CDNLive : Q: what about townhouses?

CHSLive : McGinn on loss of neighborhood character. Need affordable housing but need to build great neighborhoods too

CDNLive : Donaldson: need to give communities a say in development. Need to continue o grow, must still house them

CHSLive : Nickels: key is good design. Growth can’t overwhelm a neighborhood

CDNLive : Mallahan: density should be well-planned, transit-based. Too much in southlake. Regulatios cause bad designs

CHSLive : Donaldson speaks, McGinn, Nickels look on

CDNLive : Wyking: need development to reflect community values, not displace. Choice, not force. Don’t let developers drive it

CHSLive : applause o meter: Nickels, Garrett going head to head

CDNLive : Drago: focus density along arterials and in downtown. Single family neighorhoods should have veto on their areas.

CDNLive : Sigler: density should be everywhere. Focus on aesthetics, services, building communities

CHSLive : Sigler says towhomes r ugly. Add services to build community and improve design

CDNLive : Q: ideal approach to gang viol? Sigler: proved services to help families, reading, think of gangs as people, let gangs be reg biz

CDNLive : Drago: wants pilot program for ceasefire & intervention. Wyking: exp with positive youth development. Should be at old colman school.

CDNLive : Mallahan: agrees with wyking. Mayor cut outreach, missed youth that aren’t in school. End self-hatred. Increase police.

CHSLive : Nickels: Seattle is a safe city. But we haven’t seen reduction in youth violence

CDNLive : Nickels: target youth violence. Give kids hope. Intervene in their lives. Recent deaths “just wrong”. Overall safe city though.

CHSLive : donaldson: just about every day this summer there has been a murder, shooting, stabbing, etc

CDNLive : Donaldson: the city is getting less safe. Need more role models, reading. Mcginn: education essential. Increase job opportunities

CDNLive : Q: Tunnel? Donaldson: Will work with it, but concerned about capacity, design. Not sure people will walk or take bus in rain.

CDNLive : Nickels: need to replace viaduct, reconnect city to the bay.

CDNLive : Mallahan : money is there, make sure it comes on time and under budget.

CDNLive : Wyking: not most cost effective. Make sure infrastructure supports other problems like youth violence via jobs.

CHSLive : shot of the crowd during mayoral Q&A

CDNLive : Sigler: not going to stand in way. Viaduct has to come down. More trains and transit too.

CDNLive : Mcginn: ineffective, too expensive. $930 million from city is too much.

CDNLive : Q: how will you help schools? Nickels: likes superintendent.

CHSLive : Drago during gang violence discussion

CDNLive : mallahan: more community based schooling.Doesn’t want mayor to take over.Wyking: peace academies to solve youth violence. No closings

CDNLive : Drago: bring whole community into the solution. Leverage fed money for headstart. Sigler: need higher expectations, creativity.

CHSLive : McGinn looking into mayoral resposibility for school district performance

CDNLive : Mcginn: would like to look at mayor taking over, drive accountability. Priorities wrong via a via tunnel.

CDNLive : Donaldson: city out of touch with schools. Need to promote literacy via libraries.

CDNLive : Q: new jail? N n maybe n n n

CDNLive : Forum over! Thumbs worn out!

CHSLive : that’s a wrap btw thanks for tuning in. Next up for mayorz, music cmty mtg Tuesday night

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