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Bike Stolen

Hi Neighbors. Had my Trek 930 Bike cable locked in my driveway for over a year now and last night, someone cut the cable. Besides wanting to vent, I am hoping you will keep an eye out and respond if you see it around the area. White frame with Red Decals and trim. Very sad and it hurts that people will do this kind of thing to one another. Stolen near 17 & Columbia – thanks and be aware!

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  1. Thanks to the Central District News and the Seattle police, my bike has been returned! Eagle Eye officers from the East Precinct saw the report and picture I placed here in the CD News and noticed the bike being ridden in the nearby area this morning. They arrested the rider for possessing stolen property and went out of their way to make sure I could ID the bike and get it returned to me. Thanks CD News Blog and Officers Chin and House. Thank you, Thank you!!

  2. I am happy they found your bike and got the guy that did it! All thanks to the Central District News. Awesome!