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Westboro Baptist Church Coming To Central District June 15th

Just read on the SLOG that Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church will be outside Garfield HS at 710a on Monday June 15th protesting Who Knows What.

You heard it here first. Unless you already follow But if not, check their schedule for June 13-15. They’ll be at the Northend Seattle JCC on Saturday evening (that’s the preschool, which is usually in session then, right?), at Congregation Beth Shalom on Sunday at 8:45 a.m., just in time for their morning Minyan, then to a bunch of churches and Seattle Pacific University (you know, the school with the non-drinking vows the students must sign?), and on Monday they’ll be at Garfield High School (at 7:10 a.m. – more than a half hour before start time) then to the ADL’s (former) downtown high rise building, and wrapping up the fun here at our downtown offices before heading off to L.A. for some fun in the sun (and maybe to catch Conan at his new digs).

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  1. Some background:

    Facebook group, organizing to cover the events:

    OFFICIAL schedule from Westboro Baptist Church:

    A handy flyer (courtesy of the church):

    (6/14/09) 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM Mt. Zion Baptist Church 1634 19th Ave

    and another one for the Jewish locales:

    Note that June 14th is Flag Day. Any protests should be entitled “God Loves Flags” and should feature a vast sea of gaily waving US Flags!

  2. Wow, their stuff is remarkably repellent. Thanks for posting the links, though – I knew vaguely what they were about, but hadn’t really looked into it in any depth.

  3. who had a very agressive protest outside the funeral of a murdered gay man.

    I am really worried about the angry response that folks might have. Maybe an organized ‘silent’ non-response would be a helpful way for people who disagree to show displeasure.

  4. I’ve seen this group around the country but am somehow very disturbed that we will be dealing with them here in Seattle. I anticipate that there will be media coverage but I feel that this only gives them more of a voice. Their entire point is to upset people to the point of reaction, which they are very successful at doing. All of their messages are vile and repulsive. I am a person of faith and a lifelong Christian, but by god and Christ would not EVER endorse this kind of message. I hope Seattle unites in peace to protest these people’s destructive and hateful doctrine.

  5. If you can’t get to the link that Hanna posted, I’d ask her to update it. There are other groups that are going to be present and vocal at the different locales. It’s up to each how they want to respond or not, but I think the Garfield idea is the most powerful…

    Another way would be for people to gather in churches, synagogues, community centers, etc., on the day and contemplate what it means not to hate — with lots of media coverage of course.

    I am really angry about these people coming into my community and will have to deal with that.

  6. Agreed. Here’s the essence of the Garfield plan:

    “Garfield’s counter protest must be peaceful, and separate. The goal of this organization is to rile people up and provoke response. They bring their own cameras and tape everything that happens, using it as ammunition at later events. They hope that you will act inappropriately, so they can make fools of us.

    INSTEAD, we will rally on the front steps of the school (they’re not allowed on school property), in an effort to show the school, our community, and the world what Garfield believes in. Come to school early, ready to cheer, sing, and be non-reactive.”

    The most powerful community response might be to just ignore them, but there will always be some people who need to come out and oppose them. A strong, silent presence by the community seems ideal. Basically (in the original sense) a Boycott (

    “Boycott soon found himself isolated—his workers stopped work in the fields and stables, as well as the house. Local businessmen stopped trading with him, and the local postman refused to deliver mail.”

  7. WBC is made up entirely of a family of (failed) lawyers, who happen to be intolerable bigots. They fund their operations by provoking confrontations, then sueing those who act physically against them for financial damages.

    Whatever you do, don’t confront or physically engage with them in any way.

  8. Completely ignoring their message would be the ultimate refusal of their acceptance. They are just looking for angry responses and reactions from people, then they know that their message has been heard. What’s a shame is that they will have their children with them spewing the same hate-filled doctrine that their leader does.

  9. I’d like to see Mt. Zion filled to overflowing with community members who may not even usually attend. Imagine if the church was overflowing for a peaceful and joyful (if you’ve ever heard the choir you know what I mean) service while these hatefilled and bitter people are outside. What a contrast that would be.

  10. Why not gather some bullhorns and laugh riotously at them the entire time they’re here? That would kinda put a damper on their sick activities and foolishness. 8OD

  11. Why are we following these guys around? It seems to me that we should have one big festival in one spot, away from the WBD while all their activity is happening, rather than drawing more attention to what they are doing.

  12. I appreciate the notice of protest, and also your reference to the “HATE” web site. My confusion is with understanding just who and what this hate site does NOT hate at. Even after somewhat sorting out just who and what they hate, I still found the author’s ramblings just left me confused as to their reasoning and as to why.

  13. I just wish that ignoring them would mean that the media does not cover them and it is all a non-event. But, here is the thing. They are showing up at places of worship during the times of worship. And, a place where we educate our children at the beginning of a school day. So, there will be the people who would normally be there. Plus, there are people who are walking by or whatever. And, people who are now alerted to this and might want to take action.

    Add all that together and it becomes critical that folks have a positive way to gather, and gather in people who would naturally respond to them directly if confronted (which only incites them more). Best, if they cannot be presented with a completely deserted street, to show by presence and positivity what our community is.

  14. wouldnt it be ironic if they got a taste of the CD au natural, and had their wheels or car stolen, or perhaps maybe someone taggges their car. i hope they dont flash any gang signs around garfield.

  15. My home faces the Garfield football field. I plan to put up a large sign that says “Hate Free Zone” in support of the students and because the CD to me has a strong sense of tolerance.

    I don’t understand why these people would choose Garfield as their location to protest. It’s ironic that in a neighborhood that reflects tolerance, they choose to show complete intolerance and ignorance.

  16. Good post! A lot of people I’ve spoken with have still never heard of this church and it’s activities.
    Besides the obvious negativity that this group spreads, the saddest thing is the kids that are involved in this church. They may never get to actually choose their own spiritual path. They’ve been totally brainwashed by this twisted 2 dimensional version of Christianity.

    I wrote something up about the church as well and threw up a couple videos of them and a picture of a toddler holding a sign that says “you will eat you babies”