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strange door to door security “salesman”?

A door to door salesman came by our house last night. I thought it was suspicious b/c not only did he not have business cards or pamphlets, but he stopped by around 9pm. It made me feel like someone would break into the back while he was talking to me on the front porch. Nothing happened, it just seemed really weird.

He was a kind of clean cut looking white guy, glasses, maybe in his 20s. It just didn’t make sense that if he was “selling” something that he wouldn’t have any brochures or anything. Anyone else see this guy?

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  1. Hmmm… security like “mafia” security? ie, Pay weekly or they’ll break an arm? Funny/Odd/Weird.

  2. Yup, GE and several other security companies offer summer commission-only jobs to college students to go door-to-door. Although, he should’ve had cards and/or pamphlets or other information for you.

    Not uncommon though, a young kid came to our house this year and last as well.

  3. Apparently post-mission Mormons are the new model employee for door-to-door folks.

    Seriously, sounds like it could be a casing. Is it worth giving an FYI to the police?

  4. My dude had ID and a clipboard and knocked on our door around 8. I think he was an actual employee but I still gave him the brush off. Who thinks it’s a good idea to tell a stranger about your security system, or lack there of?

  5. happened to us this afternoon friday…i answered the door with my gun in hand…he moved on pretty quickly

  6. We had a guy selling ADT security systems come to our house when we lived in the CD as well. I had the saem reaction, so I callled ADT to see if this was legit, and they said this is standard practice among many of their partner companies that do installations.

  7. Same guy came to my door; seemed just like a typical commissioned door-to-door sales call. I’m a renter so it was a very short discussion.

    If it’s anything like satellite service or cell-phone contract commissions, he probably only has to get one or two signups a day; door to door selling is still practical for that.

  8. Either he’s a legitimate security system salesman, in which you tell him to get off of your property, or else he’s casing homes. If he’s lacking any marketing materials, business cards, or a clipboard I’d say he’s casing homes, in which case you should get a description (from top to bottom, inside out I think is what the SPD says) and call 911. Given the rise in burglaries I don’t think it hurts to be overly cautious.