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Robbery in Pratt Park Last Night

From the SPD blog

On June 12 at approximately 7:46 p.m. officers responded to a 911 call of a domestic violence disturbance at Pratt Park. Investigation indicates that the 27-year-old male suspect approached his ex-girlfriend and threatened her and stole her cell phone. The suspect also attempted to pay bystanders to beat up the victim. The suspect was last seen heading toward some apartments in the 1800 block of Yesler Way.

Officers conducted an area search and saw the suspect exiting the apartment complex. When the suspect saw officers he fled back into the complex. Officers pursued him and the suspect forced his way into a ground floor apartment and ran up the stairs to the second floor. The suspect was believed to be armed with a handgun. Officers backed out of the apartment and surrounded it. Additional on-duty patrol and SWAT officers responded to the scene. Negotiators attempted to contact the suspect to no avail.

SWAT officers made entry into the apartment and determined the suspect was not there. It appears the suspect may have jumped from the second floor window to elude the initial containment. The suspect remains at large at this time. The victim, a female in her 20’s, was not injured.

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  1. Was that all the disturbance at 10pm Friday nite? I came home from work a little after 10 to see Yesler cordoned off between 18th and 19th with lots of police cars and crowds of people. A few minutes later I heard a loud bang like an expolsion of some sort from that location from a few blocks away. What was that all about? I was too tired to go over to look and figured whatever it was would be all over the local news. It was not.

  2. but I’ve been hearing firecrackers occasionally go off late evenings. And yes, they’re firecrackers