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Neighborhood Biz Updates

Although the experts are saying the risk for a depression is past us, a recession remains. We’ve gotta make sure that we’re out there supporting our neighborhood businesses so that they’ll still be around when the economy turns around.

Here’s some business news from around the ‘hood:

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0 thoughts on “Neighborhood Biz Updates

  1. for $6 movies and great food with or w/o a movie. Too hot or stuffy to cook at home? Stop by Cafe Noir for a great summer menu.

  2. anybody tried the new african medi place @ 26th and Jackson

    looks a little sketch

  3. I was loving that discount for CDN readers that ended abruptly in April. if they brought it back, I would order more. Plus if they got italian sausage and not the ground beef sausage I would really be in heaven.

  4. The convenience store at mlk and cherry–King’s Market? I think?– has a new soft serve ice cream machine. Walk down the street and get a twist cone for 99 cents!

  5. Just received an email that Envy- plant store on Union is moving to Capitol Hill. This is their last weekend in the ‘hood.

  6. As one of the owners of MezzaLuna, we appreciate your enthusiasm & encouragement to others. :)

  7. After a year in the location on Union and 25th, we’ve made the decision to move to a more retail-friendly location just 12 short blocks away. We will be open in mid-July in The Pearl on 15th and Madison next to Anchovies & Olives. We truly appreciate all of the support and friends we’ve made in the Central District location and hope to see many of you in the new store in a few weeks!