0 thoughts on “Garfield!3{2}High School Rallies Against Phelps’ Group

  1. While I hate to see any publicity for the haters, I was glad to see the strong turn out at Garfield. The students did a great job of keeping the peace. Thanks to all the neighbors, alum and Nova contingent for taking a united stand.

  2. I drove by on the way to work and saw the hundreds and hundreds of kids on the Garfield side. The organizing was really well done — great energy to counter those crazy people. Hats off to the Garfield community.

  3. So amazing of our schoolkids to take a stand! What rock did these idiots crawl out from under anyways?

  4. As an educator at Garfield and an “elder” community activist I was SO proud of our students with their activism. They were respectful, cohesive and never combative despite the slogans/chants from the other side. What was also wonderful is the support of the community: families, children, pastors etc. who stood in unity against this craziness. When the bell rang at 7:40 our kids calmly dispersed and went to class- it was awesome! For more coverage check out the Seattle Times this past Tuesday.
    Ginger Croyle