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DMI Survey

It looks like the police and city are working on a new approach to tackle drugs and crime in the area.  Last week, we received a letter signed by Capt Paul McDonagh, East Precinct Commander and Tienney Milnor, East Precinct Liaison Attorney.

“The Seattle Drug Market Initiative is a law enforcement/community partnership designed to reduce or eliminate covert drug dealing in our residential neighborhoods and the crimes and violence often associated with them…”

The survey attached, to be completed hard copy or online, addressed perception of public safety and awareness of crime. A string of questions focused on the reporting of crime and police response. Item 8 from section 6, Drug Dealing in the Neighborhood:

“The following statement is the most accurate statement of my opinion about whether drug dealing an be eliminated in my neighborhood.”  Possible responses allowed for police responsibility, community responsibility or a combination there of.

Sounds like this project is focused along 23rd, primarily between Pine and Dearborn. I’m wondering who else received surveys, the percent of participation and the next steps in using the information collected.  Anyone know more?

If you’re interested in the survey or process, contact the DMI survey team.

[email protected]


0 thoughts on “DMI Survey

  1. @ Jackson and 25th, commented about the crackhead brigade that tweaks their way around the surrounding blocks.

  2. At last night’s EPCPC meeting, they said that they only sent them to a statistical sample of all residents, so not everyone will get one.

  3. Thanks for the info, Scott. Hopefully they’ll have a good survey response rate, and we’ll find a collaborative way to make a difference.

  4. 26/Washington.

    Told them my main concern was property crimes and general thug issues. Haven’t seen a whole lot of dealing going on in my tiny section of the ‘hood. Hopefully they’ll be able to pinpoint the trouble areas.