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CD News Police Scanner – 6/8

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Monday, June 8, 2009

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  1. Did anyone hear what sounded like popping sounds (gun shots or firecrackers or REALLY loud bubble wrap) at about 10.20 pm, Sunday night? I live near 23rd and Howell so it would have been south of there, from the direction of 23rd and Union. There were about a dozen POPs, in rapid fire, then a car speeding away north on 23rd. I am hoping it was nothing more than firecrackers, but was wondering if this was overheard by anyone else and if you know what it was. Made me catch my breath for a few seconds.

  2. i heard this, too, but it was way too coordinated in terms of the space b/w each pop. otherwise, somebody was hanging around to make sure they didn’t miss.

  3. I heard them. I live near Madison and 19th. It did sound like it was from that area. ??

  4. Drunk/high guy in a big white car hit 6 cars as he careened down 20th North from Madison. Very loud. Lots of cops. He told the cop that he thought he was in the U. District. Lots of noise, damage, and a trail of broken car parts.