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CD News Police Scanner – 6/17

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Wednesday, June 17, 2009

0 thoughts on “CD News Police Scanner – 6/17

  1. Those fools are lucky I didn’t walk by. Would’ve busted the window, taken the baby and marched straight to the East Precinct with the poor thing.
    “Let ’em sweat a bit before you let them the know their baby is here, will you?” I’d ask the front desk.

    What a pair of brainiacs…

  2. I get your gist…But in “real-life”? Seeing that this is Seattle? The moment you busted the window. The police would of rolled up on you and not-so -nicely put up on top of his hot-ass hood. Arrested you, and took you to KCJ no questions asked…It’s the scumbags that get all the breaks here…NOT good, compassionate,responsible people.