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Your Weekend Plans – Biking, Dancing, and Greens

Here’s some weekend excitement from our community calendar:

Friday: Is Bike To Work Day, and the weather is supposed to be great so make sure you take advantage. There’s three commute stations planned in our area: at the I-90 bike tunnel, at Madrona Park on Lake Washington Blvd, and 900 Broadway by Seattle U.

Friday 3-7pm: The first day of the Mad/Mad farmers market in the parking lot next to Grocery Outlet. Go pick up some tasty fresh makings for a Friday night feast.

Friday & Saturday at 8pm: The CD Forum is presenting a dance performance with work by Camille A. Brown and Makeda Thomas. It starts at 8pm at the Broadway Performance Hall. Tickets are $10 – $15.

Saturday at 9am: Your chance to get out of the city and do some good work with your neighbors on the Clean Greens Farm.  Meet at 21st & Fir at 9am.

Saturday at 10am: Free plant exchange at 20th & E. Union. Meet some neighbors and exchange plants and gardening tips.

Sunday 10am – 7pm: Malcolm X Day Hip-Hop Conference at 24th & Spring. Workshops, lots of music, and a keynote by 2008 Green Party presidenetial candidate Cynthia McKinney.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 7 and 9:15pm: Sita Sings the Blues is showing at Central Cinema (a CDNews sponsor).

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0 thoughts on “Your Weekend Plans – Biking, Dancing, and Greens

  1. Could we please end the farce of calling this market the Mad/Mad Farmers Market! It is in the Central Area and should be called the Central Area Farmers Market. When questioned the organizers say they do not want to call it that because they think people would not come??!!?? This is racist! Boycott? If this sterotyping is allowed to continue why bother doing anything.

  2. It frustrates me too, eyes, though I hadn’t heard that reasoning for their name. This year, all the signs in the neighborhood say “Madrona Farmer’s Market.” It appears they’re letting go of Madison claim? Either way, I’m an advocate for “Central District Farmer’s Market.”

  3. and i think it’s called madison/madrona because in the past it was the Madison Farmer’s Market.

  4. Let’s hope they keep the music indoors. There was a similar event a couple weekends ago and the ourdoor music was so loud we couldn’t have a conversation in our house 6 blocks away.

  5. True. But then it was called the Mad/Cap market, and it was on 21st (?) off Madison, in what I still would have called the central district.

  6. madrona mayfair…sat morning…parade and fun at the madrona play field.

    10am? not sure..
    cheers and enjoy the sun.