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Helicopter Searching for Burglary Suspects – Updated

We’re listening in on the scanner to find out why King County Guardian One is buzzing the neighborhood. 

It started with an anonymous 911 call from a neighbor near 20th & Pine who reported seeing someone enter the yard of a home that’s under construction. That caller refused to give operators any descriptions of the suspects and also declined to leave a callback number.

Police arrived and found an open window on the south side, and then spotted a man in the basement with a gun stuffed in his waistband. The suspect tried to exit the building on the southeast corner, and then took off running southbound. He was described as a black male, 20s, white t-shirt, with a gun.

Police caught that first suspect about 2 blocks south, and upon a search found him with a holster but no gun. K9 units were dispatched to help search for the gun.

Two additional suspects ran eastbound and northbound, a black female with long sleeves, hooded sweatshirt, and jeans, and a black male, 18, short hair, white tshirt, blue jeans.

Two more came out of the house and were taken into custody. Police haven’t yet cleared the house to see how many more might be inside.

One witness told police they saw a possible suspect run past Safeway and then turn south on 23rd from Madison. He was later stopped at 23rd & Olive.

Update: 10:50pm – The house checked clear. One gun was recovered from the residence – it’s not clear it belongs to one of the suspects.

Update: 10:52pm – A K9 unit tracked back to a house in the 1700 block of 19th Ave. A group of people outside of the house went back inside when the officers approached. One female in the group was a possible match of the outstanding female suspect, but the suspect description was not strong enough to proceed further. Some of that group were described as known members of the East Union Street Hustlers gang.

Other crime notes: two other calls were holding while officers dealt with the burglary situation, including a domestic violence incident in the 1400 block of Yesler involving a hammer, and a woman who was assaulted with a crowbar in the 300 block of Broadway E. 

Update: 2:01am – A 25 year old male was booked into the King County Jail at 1:28am this morning for investigation of burglary and investigation of violation of the uniform firearms act. He has previous Seattle Municipal Court convictions for Trespassing, assault, and harassment. In 2007 he was also convicted on a drug charge in King County Superior Court. We were unable to obtain further information on that conviction due to King County’s lame practice of shutting down their court records database during non-business hours.

0 thoughts on “Helicopter Searching for Burglary Suspects – Updated

  1. Scott, do you know if the two assault cases on hold had injuries and if emergency services were dispatched to the scene if so? Perhaps you only get the police dispatch information, not all 911 dispatch.

  2. It’s true that we only listen to police frequencies – adding the medic calls makes things too busy.

    In the DV hammer case, I don’t think she sustained injuries – she escaped the home to call 911 from a payphone.

    The Broadway call was less clear. But in either case, it doesn’t look like medics were dispatched to either location:

  3. We were wondering what all the helicopter noise and police activity was about (we’re at 21st/Pine).

    BTW, the house at 20th/Pine is getting a major upgrade. It’s been a wreck for years, with siding coming off, chain link fence falling over, and 1-2 cars always parked in the front yard. Suddenly, it’s been transformed with new roof, siding, windows, lawn, white picket fence. The house itself is nothing special, and I wonder why it wasn’t just torn down and replaced with a Dwell-inspired townhouse. But I like the fact that the landlord (I assume it’ll be rented) is investing in the property/neighborhood while at the same time maintaining some affordable housing.

  4. The medics will wait until police declare the area safe before responding to assault cases.