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Crime Report Roundup – Sleepy Burglars, Weed Busts, & more

We’ve got three main ways to find out what’s going on with crime in the neighborhood: your tips, real-time scanner reports, and the occasional perusal of redacted police reports. These are all from that latter, laborious category:

Harassment – 5/7/09 1:45am – 2600 S. Judkins – A 28 year old man was at home watching a movie when a man started to bang on the windows doors, yelling “Faggot”. The victim turned off all his lights, activated his alarm, and called 911, at which point the suspect left the front porch. The suspect was described as a white male, 20s, 5’11”, 175lbs, muscular build, short blonde hair, white shirt, and blue jeans. He was also accompanied by 3 black males wearing light clothing.

Robbery – 5/7/09 11:59pm – 2900 S. Judkins – A woman’s 24 year old ex-boyfriend (who she was a restraining order against) showed up at her house and began demanding money. He eventually kicked in the door, took about $100 in cash from her purse, hit her in the face, and threatened to go get a gun and shoot her. He left the scene before police arrived.

Burglary – 5/3/09 4pm – 2300 43rd Ave E – A woman cam home after being gone for a few hours to find her apartment door standing open with damage to the door’s frame and jam. Nothing was missing, so it was assumed that the burglar got scared off before they took anything.

Trespassing – 5/2/09 7am – A man was awoken by noises from the downstairs area of his home in the 800 block of 17th Ave. Upon investigation he found an unknown man standing by his couch. The man proceeded to take off his shoes, lay down, and fall asleep. The homeowner tried to wake him up without success, and 30 minutes later (!) decided to call 911. The responding officer succeeded in waking up the sleeping trespasser, who explained that he was on meth and had been up for 3 days. He last remembered getting drunk at a friends house the night before, but couldn’t explain where he was or why he was there. The “slightly incoherent and very easily confused” suspect was booked into King County Jail for trespassing.

Weed Sales – 5/4/09 2pm – An officer saw a man urinating into a bush (“a violation of SMC 12A.10.100”) in the 1100 block of E. Spruce St (“a residential neighborhood”). The suspect tried to give a fake name and appeared nervous, leading to a search which uncovered large amounts of cash in small denominations in multiple pants pockets. Not believing his story that the cash came from “odd jobs”, police searched his backpack and recovered “a large amount of pungent green leafy substance in plastic bags”. He was booked into King County Jail for possession with intent to deliver, and his $1320.51 in cash and 295.7 grams of marijuana valued at $7392.50 was submitted as evidence.

Shots Fired – Here’s the complete text from the police report on last week’s shots-fired incident on 26th Ave:

On 5/5/09 at approximately 2230 hours I was dispatched to investigate a report of shots fired at 11xx 26 AV.

During the ensuing investigation it was determined that S/1 described as a (B/M 20’s, Light Skinned, Short Afro, Black Jacket w/ red stripes and Brown Pants) and V/1, described as a (B/M 5’7″ Dark Skinned, Long Cornrows, Heavy Build, Dark Clothing), were standing on the North side of E Union St. near 25 Ave.  A subject, described as a (B/M 6’O” Dark Clothing, short buzz cut), was associated with S/1. A witness observed V/1 and S/1 in a drug transaction. V/1 grabbed $100 worth of crack out of S/1’s hand and proceeded to walk E/B towards 26 Ave, with S/1 following. S/1 then became angry that V/1 left without paying. At that time V/1 turned S/B onto 26 Ave. When V/1 turned the corner on the Westside of 26 Ave, S/1 followed and began to fire at him 4-5 times. At that time, V/1 began to run with S/1 continuing to fire. Both then crossed over to the Eastside of the street in front of 11xx 26 Ave with S/1 firing 4-5 more times. 

After S/1 stopped firing he then turned around and ran N/B on 26 Ave and met up with the 3rd subject, both turned and ran E/B on E. Union St. V/1 fled the scene running S/B on 26 Ave.

During the investigation W/1 and W/2 were contacted.  Another witness who wished to remain anonymous described the shooter as being a (B/M 5’7″ Dark Clothing, Short Afro).

The anonymous witness was interviewed by Gang Detective Cobane and stated that S/1 goes by the street name [redacted]. When Gan Detective Cobane showed a photo of a possible suspect [redacted], the anonymous witness stated, “That’s him (the shooter), I swear on my mother.” Gang Detective Cobane stated that S1 is associated with “VHP” (Valley Hood Piru’s).

A the scene I recovered 5 S&W .40 caliber casings and 2 bullet fragments that were scattered along 26 Ave for about 200′.  I documented, on a sketch sheet, the location of each item. I recovered the casings and fragments and submitted them into evidence.

No damage was discovered to vehicles or property, and there are no known injuries to V/1.

An area check for all involved subjects was made but none were located. 

Note that the suspect named in the report is not yet in custody.

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  1. …or a movie or a game, but it’s not. It is only a matter of time before somebody, out walking the dog or taking an evening stroll to the store, gets hit by one of these stray bullets.

  2. If it wasn’t for the thugs in the ‘hood could you imagine how valuable these homes would be?

    Call it ‘rent control’.