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From the sun-filled streets of Seattle’s East Precinct:

0 thoughts on “Accident

  1. Any information? Police are still milling about with no obvious activity

  2. May have been the same incident, I saw a police chase going East on S. Jackson at 12th. The car was racing up the wrong side of s. jackson and ran the red light at 12th without slowing down at all. This was around 9:00.

  3. I saw this guy walking south down 23rd around 8pm, just had a screaming match with someone over on Spruce. He was really angry, yelling at no one in particular. I’m not surprised to hear about this but I hope he didn’t follow through with his threat.

  4. There are just a lot of crazies out there in CD. If you feel threatened or creeped out at all, cross the street, leave the bus stop, go into a business, call the (metro|SPD) police. We can’t let this neighborhood be a dumping ground.