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Update on Judkins Park Shooting

We hadn’t heard anything new about last Saturday’s shooting near 29th S. & S. Irving, so we called up the always helpful Mark Jamieson in the SPD media office.  

The good news is that the victim’s wounds were not life threatening. Although police say that this was not a random shooting, they don’t believe that the victim was the intended target of the gunfire. 

As for the investigation, according to Officer Jamieson it is “active and ongoing.”  Officers recovered the car that was believed to be involved at 23rd & Aloha, and it was impounded as part of the investigation.  No one is in custody yet, but police are working towards identifying the driver of that vehicle.

Although police sources couldn’t provide any additional details due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, we have been able to tie the suspect vehicle’s registration to an address in Madison Valley. We also know that that property was previously involved in a shooting in 2007. We can’t provide additional specifics until a suspect is arrested and tied directly to that location.

0 thoughts on “Update on Judkins Park Shooting

  1. has also been parked in front of the house on 24th Avenue that has been involved in a number of incidences since 2006. Coincidence? I doubt it. I also find it hard to believe that they can’t find (or at the very least release the suspects name) this person when they have the vehicle and the address. It’s so frustrating. I think a lot people know who this person is except seemingly the police.

  2. “I think a lot people know who this person is except seemingly the police.”

    Don’t snitch!

  3. That’s 2008 thinking. This year our neighborhood is going to do better. If you know something, come forward.

  4. I would snitch in heart beat. I do not understand nor do I agree with anything regarding the don’t snitch philosophy.

  5. Somebody PLEASE snitch, please please please! I am just so tired of seeing young lives wasted and thrown away…The victims and probably the Perps, too.

  6. And I’ve found the SPD has been incredibly responsive and helpful. I will continue to snitch, and hopefully others will feel increasingly open to doing so. Taking back my own sense of security, one 911 call at a time.