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Seattle Girls School: No Big Expansion Coming

The CD is home to quite a few popular and well-regarded private schools.  One of those is Seattle Girls School at MLK & Jackson, which gives 5th to 8th grade girls an education focused on science, math, and technology. 

While chatting with the good folks of Leschi last night about neighborhood development last night, several people asked about the school and their expansion plans, mentioning that a karate class had moved out of the neighboring commercial strip to make room for the school.

I made a call to the school today, and a school administrator told me that while they have rented two of the commercial spaces next to the school, they’re only using the space for storage and some administrative offices, not as classrooms. And in what will be a disappointment to my friends who have a smart young girl on the waiting list for the school, they currently have no plans to expand their enrollment.


View of the school, with neighboring commercial block on the right

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  1. In regards to the karate school (Northwest School of Karate), it did not move to make room for the girl’s school, rather it moved to a BETTER location in the Promenade on 23rd and Jackson. Class schedule can be obtained from the website