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Woman Shot in Judkins Park – Updated

Tonight at 10:16pm 911 operators received several calls reporting shots fired in the area around 27th & S. Irving in Judkins Park.  Soon after that operators received a separate call reporting that a girl had been shot in the arm and foot in that same block. Witnesses reported seeing the shooter leave the scene in a white Ford Mustang with dark tinted windows, last seen heading northbound on MLK.

Officers began a wide search of the area, flying northbound with lights and sirens blazing. One officer near 23rd & Aloha reported seeing a possible match for that vehicle pull off of 23rd and head west into Capitol Hill.  The vehicle was later found empty but with a warm engine at the intersection of 22nd & E. Mercer.  K9 units were brought in and established a track east across 23rd and south on 24th down as far as Harrison.

Police do have a possible suspect name, and at last report had stopped a possible alias for that name at 27th & E. Olive.  So far we don’t have any indication that a match was confirmed or an arrest made.

The victim is a 22 year old female, who was taken by medics to Harborview and was last reported to be headed into surgery, and likely to survive the ordeal.

Update:  Here’s a brief statement from the SPD blotter – no arrests made yet:

On April 11th at approximately 10:16 p.m., officers responded to several calls of shots fired in the 2700 Block of South Irving Street. Officers arrived in the area and found a 22 year old woman that had been shot in the hand and foot. The victim was treated by the Seattle Fire Department and transported to Harborview. It does not appear that the victim’s injuries are life-threatening. Officers conducted an extensive area search for the suspect(s), but no arrests have been made yet. The Gang Unit will be handling the follow up investigation.


Here’s the real-time log of the event as we heard it:

  • Getting word of a shooting. A 911 caller reports that a girl has been shot in the 2700 block of S. Irving.  The victim was shot outside and then ran in.  Gunshot wounds to the foot and right arm.  Medics on scene.  More soon…
  • Witness reports hearing the shots.
  • Report that shooting happened east of that location near Bradner Pl.  Police are looking for a possible suspect vehicle, a white mustang last seen northbound.  Cops are flying all over the area.
  • K9 units responding to the scene.
  • Cop saw a white mustang pass him, then saw the car ditched in the area of 23rd & E. Aloha.
  • Units requested to make blood run.  Wounds may be worse than originally reported. 
  • Possible vehicle found at 22nd & Mercer. 
  • Suspect description: black male, cornrows, black puffy jacket.
  • Victim is 22 years old.
  • 11:00pm – K9 officers have a possible suspect stopped at 26th & Harrison 27th & Olive –  Dogs tracked southbound on 24th from where the vehicle was ditched.  
  • Victim is at Harborview, going into surgery.  One officer thinks she’ll be OK.
  • Separate report: shots fired near 300 Dewey Pl. E.

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  1. Heard the 6-8 shots tonight and called it in as well. This is the second time in two weeks – the last time was on the same block (probably the same house) but only a few shots (like that’s better). That time, we saw units in the area very shortly after we called it in, but nothing appeared to come of it.

  2. We heard the shots while my friend and I were talking about how the neighborhood has been calmer than it used to be.

  3. I heard this shots and tried to call 911. Never got through. They called back after the police arrived. Kids think it’s gang related. Hope it’s not the beginning of a crazy summer. This was too close for comfort.

  4. Again, Thanks to Scott and CD News for having so much information when we really need it. Thanks Scott.

  5. Fuzzy neighborhood boundaries. Judkins Park is generally defined as the neighborhood north of i-90 and between 23rd & MLK. But it goes a least a couple of blocks east of MLK too, as Leschi generally doesn’t begin till you get up the hill a bit to the east.

  6. Technically, this area actually falls within Mt. Baker Community Club since its northern boundary is Norman. Leschi Community Council bylaws defines its general boundaries as Norman to the south and Cherry to the north, MLK to the west and the Lake Washington to the east.

  7. Our block watch group has gone back and forth with this one. Though we’re technically Leschi, we certainly don’t feel much a part of that neighborhood. We jokingly call ourselves Lower Leschi. We’re neither Judkins Park nor Mt. Baker and the Central District doesn’t usually claim us but we sure are home to lots of exciting characters that wreak havoc in all the aforementioned neighborhoods.

  8. Yeah, I read those too. It looks like they’ve been taken over by frightened racists. None of whom have spent much time in our neighborhood. They really just have no idea.

  9. Do not take this event to represent the area. The Area is very nice, and full of good people. People watch out for each other.

  10. ah, did you read the comments? they are most definitely racist–100% certified racism on the Slog about this shooting.

  11. The Seattle Stranger (Slog) is a worthless creation, don’t give the comments notice. I only checked it out since it was posted here. Had this vain thought there might be information there. WRONG, just morons. Honestly I don’t think people think that way who live here. We are in this together. “They are us, we are them”. Have seen amazing kindness and this shooting does not change my mind, we live in an amazing community!