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Crime Report Roundup

Here’s a few interesting events from the big stack of police reports we collect for our local network of neighborhood blogs:

Burglary at 1100 Lake Washington Blvd S – Sometime in the morning of April 8th a burglar entered a home through a ground-level window that had been left open. A room was ransacked, muddy footprints dirtied the floors, and a lot was stolen, including $3,000 worth of jewelry, a 40″ flat- screen TV, and other assorted electronics.

Obstruction at 100 27th Ave – Police responding to a report of a fight noticed a man who was walking stiffly, as if his pants were weighted down by a heavy object. The officers thought that he might be carrying a firearm, but after a struggle and a search they found out that it was a 750ml bottle of red wine. The 19 year old was arrested for his refusal to cooperate.

Theft at 3200 S. Irving – A 17 year old girl was given 4 gold rings by her dying grandmother. She had put them in the pocket of her jacket for safekeeping while she slept on the couch. When she awoke at around 4am, she found three cousins standing in her room, and one of the three was wearing the ring-bearing jacket. She asked for the jacket to be returned, but upon getting it back she found that one ring, the most valuable one recently appraised at $5,000 by a mall jewelry store, was missing. All three of the potential suspects were questioned but “vehemently denied” knowing about the ring. In the absence of further evidence of the theft, the victim was left with only a police case number and a lack of trust in her extended family.

Robbery at 22nd & E. Madison – Shortly after 3am, a woman had finished her grocery shopping and was leaving Safeway with her purse on her right shoulder and her flip-flops on her feet when an unknown white male in his mid to late 30s approached her. The man then stole both the purse and the flip-flops and left in an unknown direction. The victim didn’t sustain any injuries in the event.

Fight at 23rd & E. Jefferson – A Garfield student had left school and was walking to the bus stop adjacent to Ezells when a female acquaintance got off the bus at ran over to her yelling “I am going to mash you out! I’m going to put you out the box!” The victim translated this to mean that a fight was brewing, which was confirmed when the assailant took a number of swings at the victim, but failed to land any punches and eventually acceded to a request to “stop the crazyness”. The victim explained to the officer that she and the suspect had been on the outs since the victim questioned the virility of the father of the suspect’s baby, implying that he may have future reproductive difficulties due to the fact that he had been “shot in the genital area”. 

Burglary at 14th & E. Spring – A man and his roommate were both away for the night of April 12th when someone kicked in the kitchen door and stole their laptops about $400 in cash.

Burglary at 29th & E. Pine – Someone stole a variety of lawn tools from the crawl space under her house while she slept in the main part of the house above.

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