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Crime Report Roundup

JSeattle at CHS has been generously going to pick up police reports and then sharing them with all of us in our local network of neighborhood blogs. And with the state preparing to make drastic budget cuts to all sorts of social services, including drug treatment, it seems like a good time to dig into some recent drug arrests here in the neighborhood.  Here’s three examples, with the estimated cost to taxpayers to lock people up, often repeatedly:

23rd & E. Columbia – April 5th, 4:25pm – An officer spotted a 39 year old woman who had an open no-bail escape warrant, and upon making contact she volunteered that she had some “crumbs” (aka crack) in her pockets. This turned out to be a true statement, as the crumbs were found and tested positive as crack cocaine. She was booked into King County Jail, where she remains as of this date. She has previously spent total 143 days in jail over the course 6 separate arrests in the last year.  Est. cost of incarceration: $10,656

22nd & E. Marion – April 6th, 04:05am – Officers stopped a vehicle with expired tabs and found that the 43-year old driver had five open arrest warrants for drugs, DUI, and driving without a license.  The 35 year old passenger was searched and found to have a crack pipe with residue in his pants pocket.Both were arrested and booked into jail, where they remain.  The driver has spent 160 days in jail on 4 other drug, DUI, and DWLS arrests over the last year.  The passenger has no other recent booking records in King County. Est. cost of incarceration: $12,240

100 13th Ave – April 6th, 3:51pm – An officer was flagged down by a citizen who reported that a gold Crown Vic was selling drugs down the street. The driver had already spotted the officer and tried to drive away, but the officer caught up and made a stop, where he found the smell of marijuana and a smoked blunt in the vehicle’s ashtray.  The 21 year old driver was arrested for DWLS and booked into jail, and released later that day.  The 20 year old passenger had a $15,000 drug arrest warrant, and was booked into jail and held for three days, in addition to the 18 days he’s spent there on 2 other occasions in the last year.  Est. cost of incarceration: $1,386

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