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Hope everybody had a happy Easter.  Here’s the scoop from the streets of Seattle’s East Precinct:

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  1. This happens too many times to mention there; surprised they haven’t called the cops more than they do on it. You pretty much have to be desperate/insane to use the restrooms there – they’re usually “out of order” cos someone had heroin shits all over the toilet/walls/floor/et cetera. How nice to have THAT right by the bakery and the Starbucks kiosk. Mmm latte and chocolate-filled donuts, huh?

  2. “Domestic Disturbance – Caller is in an argument with her ex. She later wanted to cancel, but was advised that such a thing is impossible”.

    Don’t remember Richard McIver’s wife?

  3. Over the weekend my neighbor called the cops on me because I wrote “drive less” into some wet cement. Two cops actually showed up and gave me a lecture about destroying public property! It was hilarious. 24th & Norman

  4. If by hilarious you mean you are an idiot I agree. We don’t need more vandalism in our neighborhoods. If it is okay for you to write drive less, is it okay for someone with a differing opinion to write drive more in front of your house? You have your freedom of speech, but not the freedom to post your message wherever you please. What if someone wants to start writing GO Nazis!? You have no more right to post your message than anyone else.