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Strong-Arm Robbery

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Tuesday, April 28, 2009

0 thoughts on “Strong-Arm Robbery

  1. unless he takes your money, of course… But I just had a visit from Your New Gay Neighbor (who just moved into that house around the corner, you know the one, right there, yeah that one) Who’s Wondering Where Lincoln Towing Is… And.. Gee, Could You…

    Just to clarify: It’s one of our local scammers, who comes around every so often begging for cash. Seems I defused him by saying, “Wow! You look familiar. I think we’ve met before.” He scratched his head and did the “bewildered” look, and he stopped short of asking for money!! But it was definitely the guy.

    He’s trolling the I-90 lid area at the moment. We should track his progress on Google maps.

  2. Some day someone is going to get a picture of him, and we’ll have a big editorial decision on whether to publish.

  3. Just heard a TON of sirens and Seattle Real Time Fire 911 is saying a few “Medic Response, 7 Per Rule” at 700 Broadway, anyone know what’s up?