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CD News Police Scanner – 4/10

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Friday, April 10, 2009

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  1. My guess is ‘hos’. I think by using an apostrophe you would make the word possessive. Happy Good Friday/Easter everyone! :)

  2. “Hos” is the correct usage. However, if their pimp rolled up, you could say, “The hos’ pimp rolled up on Columbia and 23rd…”

    Hos’s is also correct for plural possessive, though messy. Nice and confusing. :)

  3. I agree with the last two commenters. The correct choices are “women” or “prostitutes”, though the latter doesn’t carry the same gender freight. We all live in this neighborhood; it’s not an us-them kind of thing.

  4. Oh for god’s sakes, find something actually worthwile to put your pent-up rage towards BESIDES internet wank.

    For example, how about you invite these hard-working ladies into your home for dinner, since you’re on such a holier-than-thou kick?

  5. I suggest you put a note in the mail box of all CD residents and say that you are using this opportunity as a learning experience and suggest “women ho’s” to be gender specific if you are referring to the female variety. And then thank the person for not putting doggy poo in your trash.

  6. These are actually whores – from the dictionary: a woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet. So as not to offend any of the bleeding hearts on this post – I prefer that ‘Strumpet’ is used from here forward instead of ‘ho’..that way we can refer to them and keep it classy all in the same vein.

  7. I believe either term has a certain amount of anger toward women related to it. Women or men may illegally solicit for sex or be prostitutes and these descriptions give a pretty accurate description of what is happening. While the other terms are pretty dehumanizing and can psychologically make it easier for others to commit crimes against them. I have heard the other terms to degrade a woman (usually a woman) who has angered someone and is always gives a more dehumanizing picture of the person, usually a woman.

  8. And I think you all should grow a sense of humor. I’m still laughing at this incident report. Lighten up, ho police. LOL

  9. I am inclined to agree with this.
    Of course one could always use the term sex worker.

  10. Um – did they ever find out what happened to the lady on the bus? Kinda disturbing, even if she was confused, blood stains all over fellow bus riders scares me :(