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Warrant Arrest

From Seattle’s East Precinct, Wednesday, April 1, 2009.

*Google maps are down. Maybe its their April fools joke… not laughing.

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  1. I read this every day and often have thought I should thank you. I appreciate your scanning and posting. Thanks.

  2. Two reports of men assaulting women within two hours of each other. Does anyone know more about both the liquor store and 17th & Columbia assaults? Any idea if they were domestic assaults? I live on 17th & Spring and would be surprised and concerned by a random assault in the middle of the day around there. It’s not so common that random assaults occur anywhere. Just curious. Thanks for the good work you do on this site.

  3. This actually occurred at 1710 East Columbia. The police are regular visitors to this triplex the last few years! Not exactly sure what happened inside the property but the woman was outside the property, on the other side of the street for a few minutes prior to the police arriving. When 7 cars showed up, they had guns drawn and the suspect immediately surrendered. The victim and man with a knife clearly knew each other and she did not display any apparent, physical signs of an assault. There is more to this than the man supposedly having a knife. I doubt if it was the same assailant as the liquor store since the man was handcuffed and taken into custody.

  4. Was coming home and there were about 8 cop cars lined up very close to 12th & Yesler with more racing down. Seemed like some incident west of 12th

  5. Was this around midnight? If so, it was something to do with a missing or endangered kid. He was found to be ok.

  6. Anyone know what was going on at MLK & Howell last night?? The road was blocked off for over an hour for a couple of blocks with multiple firetrucks, medics, and other emergency vehicles. Real-time 911 calls it a “rescue automobile” and not an accident.

  7. mlk and howell last night: seems there was a pretty serious accident with a woman injured and trapped in her car… it took 20 minutes to get her out and they had to cut off the top of the car to rescue her. No idea about her condition.

  8. it was NOT a missing child. I was listening to the scanner and they were calling in SWAT for someone with a weapon.

  9. As a long time CD resident, I appreciate your reporting efforts, and the added research you often bring to the stories.