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Armed Robbery Suspect Disappears at 27th & Spring

This morning a man who matched the description of a suspect in an armed robbery was able to avoid capture by running into a home. Police gained entry to the house after a brief stand-off, but then failed to find the suspect in the home after a lengthy search.

It all started near the NOVA school at 26th & Cherry when two men approached a student, displayed a stainless steel handgun, and demanded some personal property from the victim. The gun-wielding suspect was described as an 18-20 year old black male, 5’10”, 160 lbs, wearing a red t-shirt.  

Police conducted an area search and spotted a suspect matching that description at 27th & Spring. But that suspect ran into a house on the corner of that block and refused commands to come back out. Eventually the other occupants of the house opened the front door and officers were able to search the home but came up empty.

It’s a big mystery how the suspect eluded capture. Although police arrived quickly, it’s possible that he was able to escape the house through a different door before police were able to completely surround the property.

Attentive readers will note that this isn’t the first issue around 27th & Spring. I’ve talked to a number of different neighbors over the last year who have been endlessly frustrated by the criminal activity that they say flows out of three different homes on that block. In addition to nuisances such as fights and other noise, one neighbor has told me that the residents of these homes “rob everyone around here” and have repeatedly burglarized neighbors in the area. It’s gone so far as to drive a few people to sell or rent their homes and move away.

The home in question today is owned by elderly grandparents who have a large extended family that lives with them. For their part, they feel picked on by police. A relative of the homeowners who was at the scene today told me that they feel like police unnecessarily target that home, blaming them for crimes that they’re not responsible for. Residents of the home also expressed alarm that police entered and searched the home today without having any warrants, and worried about the impact that the stress of an armed police search could have on some of the elderly residents there. (note: generally the hot pursuit doctrine allows police to enter a residence without a warrant if they’re in pursuit of a suspect in a crime)

At a public meeting last fall, a resident of a different property on that block spoke about his children who live with him, and acknowledged that they have caused some problems for neighbors. But he implored other meeting attendees to work with him to straighten things out and not do anything to force him out of his home, which has been in his family for many years.

There’s no clear cut path for what neighbors can do when confronted with persistent criminal issues on specific properties. A first step is to make contact with the Community Policing Team who are dedicated to work on long-term issues in the East Precinct. I know that they have been involved in the issues of this block, but apparently so far without significant success. The Seattle Neighborhood Group also provides a “Take Action Program” that provides assistance to residents to help them take up private legal action against problem properties.

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  1. The occupants and those associated with this house have literally been terrorizing the neighborhood for years. When I first moved to the area 5 years ago I gave them the benefit of the doubt but after being violated repeatedly by them I have absolutely no sympathy. The reason they are being “picked on” by police is because of their criminal activities.

  2. This is the intersection I always try to avoid as I walk, I loop around it through alley. The house in the picture and the one across the street always have bunch of idle-looking young people hanging out and acting tough. There is always trash in the street, a shiny-wheeled gangster-mobile SUV or caddy, and often something under the tarp. No good vibes from those houses ever, and I am not surprised the neigbors complain about being robbed by people from that house. I heard that too. I feel it for the nice neighbor who has built nice stairs now with couple little children, and for whoever is trying to move the house recently remodeled.

  3. We moved b/c of these houses…the kids were younger then and less scary but still thugs. Its BAD there. Very frustrating that the cops haven’t done more.

    Glad we’re out. Sorry for current neighbors.

  4. And I’m not talking about the movie.

    talking to folks who live a stone’s throw away, both houses are rampant. One has a light on/off system for when drugs are available, the other is just a front for drugs/stolen goods.

    And to hide behind Grandma ma is pretty cowardly. She sits in the window and knows what goes on. I do hear Grandpa ain’t all that pleased, but what is he gonna do.

    and don’t start with the “let’s focus on rehabilitation”. These kids are gone.

    P.S…Were Seattle public schools not in session today? Seems odd that young, school age kids are just hanging around.

  5. Maybe the boys were in the house across the street. Both families are related and trouble is always brewing on that corner. I know, I lived next door.

  6. As an alumni of Nova, I just wanted to explain that the school’s classes are scheduled like a college… one class might meet for 2 hours twice a week, etc.
    Therefore the students do not all have lunch at the same time and often have time between classes to make a snack/food run… so DON’T blame the kids for this.

  7. I think that Notorious was referring to the obviously school-aged kids who are on the porch in the picture of the house that was searched.

  8. It’s too bad. That’s otherwise a pretty nice street.

    I’d suggest keeping on them: DPD violations, health code violations, animal code violations (if they have pets, and you notice a violation, that is). Are they stealing electricity? Cable? Turn the bureaucracy against them, they’ll either clean up their act or move to get away from the harassment.

  9. The girl who was robbed was my daughter’s best friend. They always walk that way to NOVA together but my daughter was sick that day. From my daughter’s friend’s description she cooperated immediately handing over everything but they continued a verbal violent assault like they were looking for any reason to pistol whip her.
    Needless to say, we’ve pulled our daughter out of NOVA (finally). This time she didn’t object.
    NOVA has no security, no guards. After that happened locking down the school wasn’t even considered. I guess it’s so commonplace that school admin is used to it.

  10. I’m buying the clueless old people argument. My mama is 84 years old, but she would kick my ass from here to Tacoma if I even suggested moving back in, let alone did anything illegal at her house. If they really cared, they could sell their house out from under their worthless kids and get a shag apartment or something nice. The old folks in this case are as bad as the young ones.

  11. oops, that should be “I’m NOT buying the clueless old people argument.”