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Review Roundup

We’ve been getting a lot more activity in the reviews area since the tab was added a few weeks ago.  Here’s what people are talking about:

Here’s some places that need reviews.  If you’ve been there, tell us about your experience:

And don’t forget to check out the new classifieds: free cement rubble, 30″ TV/DVD/VCR, a Yoga Mat suitable for tall folks, lots of rentals, and ginger58 is looking to organize a fun group of 50+ friends.   Personally, I’ve cleared out some room around CDNews World HQ by finding good homes for 4 different items, including $250 for my old Powerbook. It’s been a lot easier than my usual Craigslist experience since it involves neighborhood folks, and not any shady missionaries in Nigeria.

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  1. I’ll try to find time to review each on their own, but thought I would give quick reviews of a few of the businesses on your list.

    Samarya Center is just a great place to practice yoga. It’s a warm studio, but not hot bikram yoga. The instructors are great, the price is low, and the students are super respectful of varying skill levels and interests.

    Twilight is great. No real difference from the old one, although I think the space is a bit smaller all around. Good stiff drinks, fun patrons, and apparently the food is very good.

    Finally, I’ll post this on the classifieds section, but I have a few things for sale as well, including some titleist DCI golf irons, a pair of Atomic Beta Carv Skis that are perfect for cruising and great in crud, and a Lemond Reno road bike (52″ I believe).