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Heritage Pear Tree Dedicated at 27th & Cherry

The Central District has been home to a variety of famous people, such as Jimi Hendrix and Quincy Jones. Now we can add another famous resident to our list:  the 27th & Cherry Heritage Pear Tree.  It was dedicated this morning in a ceremony where a new stone marker was unveiled and where a large group of neighbors enjoyed pear slices and cider under the tree’s canopy.

The tree won its heritage status due to its unusually large size for a fruit-bearing tree, and was described as “The largest and most impressive pear tree in Seattle,” by  City Arborist Nolan Rundquist.  Most fruit trees end up being pruned repeatedly and never reach such a size. Tom Samuelson, who owns the property the tree sits on, says that the oldest picture they have of the tree is from a tax record in 1937, when the tree was smaller but still of a substantial size. Arborists estimate that the tree is at least one-hundred years old, likely planted when the neighborhood was first developed in the late 1890s and early 1900s. 

Mr. Samuelson nominated the tree to the heritage program to inject a bit of good news and neighborhood pride into a spot that is less than one hundred feet away from where Tyrone Love was murdered just a month ago. The top of the new stone marker on the corner next to the tree is inscribed with “All You Need Is Love” in reference to that event.

Although our recent cool weather prevented the tree from being in bloom in time for the ceremony, it should start sprouting white flowers within the next few weeks. The owner said it produces hundreds of pounds of fruit each summer, and invited everyone in the neighborhood to stop by and enjoy the fruit when it does.

You can find out more about the Heritage Tree program at the city’s website. If you’ve got a tree that you’re particularly fond of and that you think would be worthy of consideration, there’s a handy online nomination form. The key factors for acceptance into the program include the tree’s size, age, rarity, and history.

0 thoughts on “Heritage Pear Tree Dedicated at 27th & Cherry

  1. I know all the fruit trees in neighbourhood. Although this tree is big and impressive, its fruit is useless and probably has been for 40-50 years. It really needs a pruning. Glad Tom cleaned up under it, though. Stop by in a few when tulips under it bloom, they’ll be pretty

  2. Inedible? Those pears are good! Don’t come onto private property to pick them if you are going to be so sour! Part of what has caused that tree to be recognized is the size it has achieved by NOT being pruned–as the city arborist and Arthur Lee Miller stated at the dedication. Have you been living here for 40 years? Have you been so nasty for all of that time? Keep your hands off the keys if you are going to shower such negativity on the sweetest thing that has happened in the neighborhood in a long time!