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East Precinct Captain Says Crime Down

Tonight was the monthly meeting of the always-informative East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition (EPCPC), which allows citizens and police leadership to share information about what’s going on in the neighborhoods east of downtown.

The big news came from East Precinct Captain McDonagh, who reported that crime is down in all but one category in the last month:

  • Robberies down 25%
  • Strong-arm street robberies continue a downward trend
  • Residential burglaries are down
  • Business burglaries are down, with a mysterious drop of the break-through-the-wall burglary spree from earlier
  • Auto theft down after several prolific auto thieves were put in jail, and their cohorts are wanted and on the run
  • Car prowls are down 50% (!).  It’s possible that our poor weather has had a part in that
  • Aggravated assaults are up, but they’re almost all targeted and not random violence

Other updates from neighbors and officials:

Mike Yasutake layoff – Capt. McDonagh confirmed that this was due to a weird budgetary mixup where his position was never properly funded.  He said that they are working with the mayor’s office to try to identify some new funding to bring that position back, possibly from the federal stimulus package.

23rd & Union – The captain said that it has been a big focus for patrol officers.  The property owner of MidTown Center and the post office building is still paying for off-duty officers to patrol during some hours.

Prostitution & Drugs reported by neighbors at 24th & Spring with a female getting in and out of cars and a man dealing from a car.

iPod headphones make you a target on the street.  Consider walking sans-tunes.

28th & Cherry – Several DOC parolees live in a house here and are under close monitoring by state corrections department staff.  Got some possible parolees near you?  Give DOC staff a call at and they’ll come check things out.

Longer stories coming soon about the Mayor’s Youth Violence initiative and 911 tips.

0 thoughts on “East Precinct Captain Says Crime Down

  1. I dont see the 23rd and union police “focus” spreading out too much…There were about 8 people today (sunday) loitering and obviously involved in dealing and prostitution. Not to mention the constant stream of public urination that happens at 23rd and Spring. I would love to come to the meetings and speak my mind…but with young children to manage, it’s nearly impossible. I saw a few of the undercovers and cops walking around 24th and spring in the past, but zip for the past 3 months.