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CD Rewind: 1955 Bird’s Eye View

Vintage Seattle has an amazing post featuring a high-resolution birds-eye photo of the neighborhood from 1955.

It shows the Providence campus back when it only took up one block and when 17th was still a through street between Jefferson & Cherry:

And it shows the old streetcar barn at 14th & Jefferson, which by 1955 must have been used to store trolley buses:

And check out the big building, presumably a school, that used to stand on 18th & Main where Pratt park currently is:

Go to Vintage Seattle to see the whole thing in its full high res glory. Sadly CDNews HQ is on the eastern edge of the photo where things get too out of focus to pick out details.  Can you pick out yours?



0 thoughts on “CD Rewind: 1955 Bird’s Eye View

  1. I’m looking at all of the houses that were displaced by the King County DYS (Juvie) parking lot between 12th and 14th. Maybe they’d like to correct this.