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CASA Latina Moves In

Today’s a big day for CASA Latina, as they move into their new headquarters at 17th & Jackson.  The organization helps educate and find employment for immigrant day laborers.

In an email sent over the weekend, CASA Latina’s Executive Director said that for now only the administrative offices and educational programs are making the move. The day laborer services have not moved yet due to ongoing protests by some unhappy clients at their current site in Belltown. There weren’t any signs of protests at the new Jackson St. site when we went by earlier today.

This move been the subject of a lot of discussion and some bad feelings among at least a few residents over the last year and a half. The organization signed a Good Neighbor Agreement that says they will have staff members patrolling the blocks around the new building to keep freelance day laborers from setting up shop. We’ll check back once the employment services have moved and see how that’s going.

6 thoughts on “CASA Latina Moves In

  1. It was nice to see some staff in the new facility on my way up the hill tonight.

  2. I had a very good experience hiring a day laborer last summer for 3 days for tile/stonework…he was a very skilled craftsman and worked extremely hard. I was happy to pay him more than his hourly, as his work was excellent and really looks beautiful now! I’ve kept his name and cell number, too. ;O)

  3. We hired 4 guys from Casa Latina to help us move. They were friendly, worked hard, and did a great job, and I’d totally recommend them.

    Labor costs plus truck rental (Penske at 21st and Union) came out way lower than cost of using a moving company.

  4. It will be nice to see all of the illegal workers be able to get jobs that are paid in cash and non taxable. The rise in crime for the area will be great as well. Belltown will improve, though.

  5. Hmm…..Less than a moving company….Could that be because you hired people who are in the country illegally and paid them in cash? Hmmmm…..It could be! Moving company: Insurance, truck, fuel, labor, taxes, payroll taxes, city taxes, federal taxes, L&I, DOR taxes, permits, fees, bond, repairs…..Maybe that is why it is cheaper to hire these people? It’s kind of like shopping at Wal-Mart.

    Has anyone bothered to look into what the leaders of CASA Latina get as a salary? Hilary Stern, for example? By the way, it is YOUR TAX DOLLARS that are paying her salary and for the building…and they promote employment of illegal immigrants that are being paid under the table like a drug deal! Think about it…..And Hilary is getting rich doing it! It pays for her Mercer Island home!

  6. Hi, I was thinking how this organization work with this bad administration. They use inmigrants to justify only his good salarys that they receive.Hilary know all about it.She has expeled 15 workers out of Casa latina. workers were asking for justice and an ethic practice of the rafle and no maltrait to the workers who say the truth about some irregularities of this bad and discriminate administration.Hilary receive support from the city and the state to hold this nonprofit organization,so another fundations too, but we, the workers don’t see where our donations go.They did injustice to the workers, Hilary only protected his bad staff and the workers, What? We asked for this organization must be audited to know all about her financial managment.But the state authoritys don’t do nothing about it.This is a problem primarily about human rigths,money, ethic,corruption and how the inmigrant people’s needs are driven to one goal: profits.Workers expeled now are looking for a job in home depots, in the streets, and Hilary is happy now.She won with injustice and vantage.