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Twilight closed this week, opens Friday 2/11 on Cherry

CentralCinema posted earlier today about having been on hand for the Twilight’s last night at their location on Madison. They’re going to be closed all week while they move stuff over and get it all set up at the new spot at 26th & Cherry, with an aim to start service there on Friday.

I stopped by the new location a bit ago and found them hard at work, with boxes full of Twilight knicknacks piled all over the new space.  You can see that the exterior has already been painted a deep blue, and evidently the big project for today is to relocate the large bar fixtures over to Cherry.

I’m really glad that their move has worked out. I think it’s a win for the neighborhood and for everyone like me who lives within easier walking distance of the new bar.  It’s also a win for our little online community, because it appears that your thoughtful calls, emails, and letters helped turn around the school district’s objection to their relocated liquor license. 

Now I can start planning for a delicious Mac & Jack and some deep fried bacon sometime this weekend…

0 thoughts on “Twilight closed this week, opens Friday 2/11 on Cherry

  1. Let’s plan a time for this weekend and have a neighborhood welcome? I’m thinking Saturday evening. Maybe 7ish?

  2. I second it! 7:00 Saturday!

    It is now an event on Facebook:

  3. Agreed. I’ll be there, but closer to 8. I’m at a Rocket Launch party, and I’ll bring everyone with me.

  4. Congrats to the Twilight Exit team and a heartfelt welcome to the neighborhood. I live just around the corner and am thrilled to have such a great establishment moving in nearby. Also congrats and thanks to the CDN community for rallying in an effective, unified way to support a small business owner who needed the endorsement of the community to help sway the naysayers.

  5. Finally a bar that is stumbling distance from home!!!

    I can’t wait for the old Dilettante to be filled!

  6. you might be waiting for some time. With the economy and that corner not exactly being prime real estate, it might be a case of “be careful what you wish for”.

  7. i’m out of town, but will make it next week if you want. name it

    btw, i like the space, but just see it being challenging right now, depending on the biz of course

  8. After Twilight Exit we should walk over to teh Central Cinema and catch the 9:45 showing of Memento. An entire night out within the Central District. I like it!!!

  9. I was told today by a reliable source that it would not be open until next Wednesday, February 11.

  10. I love this movie. If the twilight doesn’t open, we might just wander over to this anyway.