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Times series on youth violence in Seattle

Here’s an interesting read:

“Luna, 34, credits the complete turnaround in his life, even his survival, to a city of Seattle initiative that provided adult mentors, jobs and recreation to young gang members.” Seems like it was a pretty effective group.

Apparently this is part of a series and they want feedback, experiences and ideas for future stories on the local youth violence. I figured some of you might push them into a good subject.

One thing is for certain, as the times get tougher, so will the kids around here trying to get by without the support of their families and communities. We need to not only figure out how to help, but how to inspire the right help. One program is mentioned here, but keep discussing!

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  1. Lynn Thompson is a CD neighbor since 1990. Lynn started the Union Street Improvement Project and wrote the first grant applications that got volunteers and agencies together to install the pedestrian lights, plants and pavers in the biz district. She’s got good neighborhood insight and wrote a great article, IMO.

    So, what can we do, where and how? We recently had a small boy, maybe eight years old, pissing in our office doorway on his way home from TT Minor. When we ran him down, he played the onlookers like violins with tears, crying HELP, HELP, and claiming it was the first time. BS, it was the third, and he was meticulous in spraying the door, walls and entire doorway so we couldn’t get out w/o stepping in it. There’s a construction Sanican ten feet away, so this was totally deliberate. A friend said ‘it’s tagging – he can’t afford paint, so he’s using what he’s got.’

    After getting past wanting to electrify the doorway, my thoughts turned to ‘this kid needs help and a mentor.’ At eight he’s already a master at playing people. I have a neighbor in mind who’d be a great mentor, but other than that am at a loss. He hasn’t done it again and we don’t have his name, but in general, what can we do? Any suggestions?