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Shooting 2 a.m.

We heard gunshots around 2 a.m. Looked out our window and saw cop cars racing north bound on 23rd and also heading east on Jefferson. There was a shooting near 27th and Columbia. There appeared to be a body under a white cloth laying on the sidewalk. Tons of cops, ambulances, firetrucks on the scene. Police tape surrounding the area, cops flashing lights into nearby apartment complex. KIRO 7 on the scene by 2:20ish. Check the news tomorrow morning for more details.

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  1. KIRO on the scene? Will this be a first for a shooting in the neighborhood? I’m out of town but would be interested to hear if this actually makes the news, if anyone sees it. I cannot believe how much has gone down without coverage recently.

  2. The shooting actually happened on 28th and Cherry next to an apartment complex a little before 2pm. Multiple shots were fired (I thought I heard 5).
    KING 5 posted some video.

  3. yea, the familiar sounds in the neighborhood. gun shots and police sirens. KOMO has the story. short blurb.

    Let me guess, gang shooting???? I would be willing to bet my next paycheck on that. After 14 years in the hood, I am thinking of getting out of here.