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Reminder: Mail your ballot today!

Don’t forget:  you’re now a mail-in voter whether you like it or not. And today is your last chance to find the ballot you got a few weeks ago, fill in an oval, sign it, put a stamp on it, and get it in the mail.

Ballots must be postmarked today to count.

CDNews and all other sane people have endorsed Sherrill Huff for the new elections office director. Don’t risk something as important as our elections process by choosing someone unqualified, unserious, or flat-out crazy like most of the other candidates are.

Already voted?  You can use the King County website to look up your ballot and see if it’s been received and accepted:

(also: just saw Jay’s post on the same topic from last night)

0 thoughts on “Reminder: Mail your ballot today!

  1. Sherril Huff has a ‘commanding’ lead with half the votes counted (although I don’t think they would already know how many are half yet!)

    Thanks for voting everyone.