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New Pet Supply Store Opens on Jackson

For a long time I’ve been making a monthly trek to Capitol Hill to pick up pet food for the CD Newshound. So it’s really good news for me that there will now be a more convenient option at Immortal Dog Pet Supply & Bakery that just opened up in the new building in the 1700 block of Jackson.

I stopped by today and met Nicole, the owner, who lives here in the neighborhood, just a few blocks away from the store.  They’ve got a big selection of pet food, toys, and other supplies.  But Nicole says that her specialty is the all-natural baked treats that she started making about two years ago.  A friend who was in the store went so far as to say that she’s seen dogs who won’t go back to normal mass-produced treats after they’ve gotten a taste of Nicole’s hand-crafted ones.

The store is open 7 days a week, including from 11am to 6pm this weekend.  Take a walk over with your dog, trained cat, or leashed weasel (which I really did see the other day) and check it out.

0 thoughts on “New Pet Supply Store Opens on Jackson

  1. The store is amazing and my dog went bonkers for the home made treats! I hope other retailers join her in the space soon – it’s a great location.

  2. I also stopped in today to check this out. I have been away traveling for 5 days, and two new stores open in the CD while I am gone! Holy cow!

    I liked that she is going to look into ordering some food and bedding for my rabbit. No more trips to Petco! And I also liked that she might be able to get some food for our picky cat…no more drives to UVillage. I thought the name was a bit misleading, as they have lots of stuff for cats in the store as well.

    It takes a lot of moxie to open a business in the current economic downturn, but I am so glad to see this one. Now I just need to see what’s being offered at the new butcher’s on 25th and Jackson!

  3. I stopped in to check out the store and loved the wide variety offered for dogs and cats. I can stop in here to pick up toys, food, grooming supplies, leashes, collars, food bowls, etc. The list goes on! Especially the home baked dog treats. My dog loves them!!! My dog has a sensitive stomach and has no problems at all with these treats! Thank you for offering something for those dogs who are picky eaters and have sensitive stomachs! If this sounds like your dog (or even if it doesn’t) you should definitely stop in.

  4. I haven’t had a chance to stop in yet, but I’m excited to have it so close! I usually shop in Madison Valley for my dog and cat food. Looking forward to coming in!

  5. Congratulations to Nicole! I was delighted to be a very small part of the opening of Immortal Dog and was overwhelmed with the support, the caring, and the love from friends and neighbors that surrounded Nicole during this time. Her love and passion for quality pet supplies right in her own neighborhood shines brightly with the welcome you receive as you enter Immortal Dog. She is truly an inspiration! I pray blessings upon her and her new adventure and all who visit Immortal Dog for the love of your pets! Good Job, daughter…i love you! mama

  6. I stopped in on Saturday. Bought some treats and toys. I wish they had more toys, but I am sure they will have more eventually as the business gets going. The owner is super cool and friendly. Happy to see a new store in the neighborhood.

    Great place!

  7. Besides looking great, Immortal Dog has really good products. The owner, Nicole has carefully selected each of her products with everyone’s pet in mind. There are organic, wheat-free, all natural, and many other health and environmentaly conscious supplies. One of my favorites are the Bettie Throwing Toys. They are recycled from old rubber and dogs love them. I am real excited to see a women take a risk in this economic time. It gives hope to the community and lets people know that they can do anything they put there hearts in. Thanks Nicole for the inspiration.

  8. Is the butcher shop a place called Robali Halal Meat & Deli? At 2716 S Jackson St? Just wondering, as I’d love to have a local meat shop in addition to Leschi Market. ;O)

  9. The products are great, and the owner and her pups are awesome!!!
    This is the first time I’ve been in a small store without feeling hovered over.
    She was there with suggestions if I asked, but in the background if not. You can actually come to this store and browse, without feeling pressured.
    I was so happy to see a kitty collar my cat could live with- and it’s cute!
    Everyone should go by and support a great new business.
    Hopefully they will have more signage out soon so everyone can find it.

  10. I am so impressed with this place. Nicole, the owner, couldn’t be friendlier, cooler, or more responsive. I love that they carry not only dog treats but also bedding for our guinea pigs and all sorts of other accessories. It’s a gem.