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“Mutual Combat” Stabbings in 300 Block of 26th S

It’s been really nice to go for such a long stretch without finding “Assault w/Weapon” calls in the 911 logs when I do my morning checks. But that streak came to an end this morning at 6:10am when Seattle Police responded to a report of an assault with a knife in an apartment in the 300 block of 26th Ave S, where they found a victim with a severe laceration above the left eye and what one officer reported on the radio as a bloody scene around the apartment.

Police at the scene pieced together that there might be additional victims, and that proved true a bit more than an hour later when another man in the 2100 block of E. Jefferson called 911 to report having been stabbed in the head and chest by a known man at the first location.  

There was also a third event that reported two men fighting with a tire iron and a piece of lumber in the parking lot across from Ezells.  Police believe that these two were also part of the original event on 26th S. One of those also had injuries.

A total of three men were taken to Harborview with non-life-threatening injuries.

According to SPD spokesman Mark Jamieson, police are still trying to piece together the details behind the incident. A severe language barrier is making things difficult. They believe that a total of four men were in the apartment on 26th S when a fight broke out and two or three were injured.  But it’s not clear yet who injured who, and currently no one is in custody for the assaults.

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  1. I looked out my window at 6:15 this morning to find several fire trucks ambulances and cop cars…it’s great to be able to check here for what happened =)

  2. I heard a ton of sirens this morning too. Wondered what was up and knew I could find out by coming here. Too bad it involves stabbings.

  3. I believe one of the victims, or at least I think he was involved in this specific incident, came into our office seeking legal advice. The address he gave me was the one that posted, his story was similar, and he had been stabbed in the head. According to him, the police had arrested the man suspected of attacking. I do not know for certain whether the man was apprehended, but I do know there was alcohol involved. It is a scary event to go through either way.