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EPCPC Meeting Notes

Once a month the Seattle Neighborhood Group organizes the East Precinct Crime Prevention Coalition, to bring police officials together with residents to share information an tips to reduce crime.

Here’s the scoop from tonight’s meeting:

  • Capt. McDonagh and Lt. O’Donnell were busy with other things tonight, so we got to meet Lt. Phil Hay who is the 3rd watch commander (working from 6pm to 3am).  Scanner listeners may know him as “243”.
  • Homicide: There was a pretty big crowd of over 40 people, and many of them were there to talk about the murder of Tyrone Love last week. Lt. Hay reiterated that they were looking for a red Dodge that may have been involved, and that there’s still a big lack of cooperation from people who may have more specifics on the killers.  He also said that they think Tyrone was targeted, and that this was not a random crime. Rumors on why he might have been targeted? No official comment.
  • Kid Robbed: One couple reported that their son was assaulted and robbed on his way home from school last month. He was walking up Cherry near 18th when another kid asked him what time it was before hitting him in the head and stealing his wallet and iPod. The mother said that he also ended up with a bruised face and that he’s still shaken up by the attack.
  • Other Assaults & Robberies: Lt. Hay said that although they’ve been seeing about one street robbery per day, that is about the normal level for the precinct. About 8 or 9 of those in a given month will involve a weapon vs. just body force.
  • Gang Activity on Cherry: One couple reported a big increase in late night gang activity near their home at 30th & E. Cherry, with groups of 10-15 young men hanging out in the street, blocking traffic, yelling & signaling cars, and leaving a lot of trash behind. They’ve also had repeat problems with 911 operators taking their problems seriously.
  • Gang Activity around 24th & Olive: One resident reported a big increase in drug dealing and gang activity near Homer Harris park
  • Key Bank & Liquor Store Issues: One of our favorite residents reported having a lot of problems with both the Key Bank and Midtown Center parking lots near 24th & Union, with various illegal activity going on in the Key Bank lot at night and the MidTown Center lots often taken over by large groups of kids that at times make it difficult to even get over to the post office. She says that Key Bank is being completely unresponsive to the community, with no local manager who can take ownership of the crime that takes over their parking lot every night.  And regarding the area around the liquor store, she added that “the whole thing just seems to be out of control”.
  • Possum & Rat Parties are going down near 27th & Union thanks to a house full of residents that can’t manage their trash.  You can report things like that to the city for code enforcement.
  • Casa Latina will move into their new offices at 17th & Jackson on March 9th.  We were introduced to their two “Goodwill Ambassadors” that will be patrolling the area around the office to make sure it doesn’t become a market for freelance day laborers.
  • Graffiti: Was reported all around the neighborhood. Make sure and report it to the city, and for repeat and gang-related graffiti you can call the Community Policing Team at (206) 684-4370
  • Landlord Workshop: Learn how to keep crime out of your rental properties in a workshop on March 25.  Cost is $25 but includes a breakfast.

There was some other important news from the meeting that we’ll be writing about tomorrow once we can get some more facts from the city.   Stay Tuned….

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  1. Great recap! I had forgotten some of this stuff:-)

    I think it is important to note that Mike Yasutake, EP Crime Prevention Coordinator, has been laid off due to budget cuts. The understanding from the City Attorney’s office was that Mike didn’t have seniority and, therefore, was let go. I have to say this just boggles the mind and boils my Scottish blood (yes, this explains many, many things). Screw need, data, or effectiveness, let’s make a decision based on something mindless.

    Needless to say, if you value Mike and the work he does, you need to complain to all who will hear you at the city.

  2. ” that is about the normal level for the precinct” and so this is acceptable?!? More talk, no action and the status quo is kept. So where was the outrage, the demand and the deliverables?

  3. How in the world can Mike not have seniority????? That also is mind boggling. He has been around for ever.

  4. Holy cow?! Really?

    And two per week involve weapons? That is shocking! How is that even close to acceptable.

    I knew there were quite a few breakins, but assault on the streets is something completely different. Anybody have more information on this? Where are they occurting etc?