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Bad Wreck at 16th & Yesler – Updatedx2

I saw a big rescue appear on the 911 log when I was out at a meeting. And jseattle found this first hand report on Twitter:

Just got home and guess what…a car crashed into our house! 12 police cars, and a gaping hole in our fence, building torn up. Awesome.

Anyone in the area have photos or 1st hand accounts?

Update: Here’s a photo posted to Twitter:

Car crashed into our building--our place is ok inside, but ou... on TwitPic

Update x2: Here’s a description of the incident from the SPD blotter:

On February 24th at approximately 7:30 P.M., a vehicle was travelling westbound on Yesler Way South.  At approximately the 1700 Block of Yesler Way, the vehicle, for unknown reasons, drove off the roadway and went through a fence colliding with a house in the 100 Block of 16th Avenue.  The damage to the house was significant, and the 71-year old driver of the vehicle was transported to Harborview for life-threatening injuries.  There were no other injuries.  Seattle Police Traffice Collision Investigators responded to the scene.  The cause of the collision is unknown at the time, but the investigation continues.

0 thoughts on “Bad Wreck at 16th & Yesler – Updatedx2

  1. I’m in awe of the positive attitude!

    The house across the street from me growing up had a couple of cars plow into their kitchen because it was just at the end of a curve…..

  2. Could have been a LOT of physical things: eyesight, minor stroke, heart issues, blackout, etc.

    I know SPD is very reluctant to de-license some folks who have, to put it mildly, lost their driving skills due to age. I had an elderly woman nearly run me over and luckily only rear-ended a slightly ajar passenger door (that was resting on me as I loaded lumber on top of my car) and the officer only wanted to point out that I was parked facing the wrong direction at the time. This wasn’t one of those narrowed roads due to parking on both sides….she had about 15 feet of road to use and avoid hitting me on the left side of the street. Unbelievable.

    Naturally, she had no proof of insurance and never did pay for the damage to the door and fender it was shoved into. Age is no proof of good citizenship, that’s for sure.