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An Introduction

My name is Rubin and perhaps you’ve seen me walking with a few of my friends (and my moms, of course). I’m a 2-year old labradoodle and my mom, Gretchen, and I own a dog walking business called Wags n’ Words. The Wags part probably makes sense — we take dogs out on walks and adventures while the owners are at work or out of town — but the Words part is what Gretchen does when she’s not working with me. She’s a freelance writer and a writing tutor. After teaching for 22 years, she decided to go into her own business, but since her businesses are a bit unrelated (dogs and words), she decided to combine them both under one heading. You can check out her services at (if you need a dog walker) or you at (if you need help with a writing project or have a child who needs some tutoring). Please note: The Words n’ Wags site is still under construction.

We’ll post more later, but in any event, stop and say hello when you see us in the neighborhood!


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  1. Hi All,
    Pleased to see this posting. I happen to be a client of Wags N’ Words and they are AWESOME! Has really helped get my new puppy properly socialized, not to mention a huge help when I needed some dog walking help. Gretchen is the consummate professional. I highly recommend Wags N’ Words!