0 thoughts on “A New Way To Deal With Gangs?

  1. Uhhhh. I could maybe see that working in a small town scenario, though it seems entirely ineffective in a big city (besides being unconstitutional and highly susceptible to people’s own prejudices and profiling).

    A far better idea would be to revive the Seattle Team For Youth as described in another Seattle Times article:

    Note: when they started being forced to care about the WASL they stopped reaching the most at-risk youth. At schools all over the city, money that used to fund programs for all kids has been redirected towards serving only those kids who just barely didn’t pass – in order to boost thier scores and the school’s scores. When after-school programs take a hit, it has consequences. Our institutions (SPS and City) gave up on the most at risk youth a while ago. Big surprise, now their on the corner.

    Larry Evans for mayor!