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Stop School Closures Now! Sign the Petition!

A group of educators, students, and parents have
posted an online petition to the Seattle school board to stop Seattle
school closures now. Please read and sign the petition if you agree.
And make sure to pass the link around to as many of our concerned City
of Seattle community members as possible.

0 thoughts on “Stop School Closures Now! Sign the Petition!

  1. Thanks for the link, Andre. The petition is making it’s way through community blogs and is now up at the PI’s blog.

    The school board next meets on Wednesday, Jan. 7th. I’m hoping this petition, with broad support from residents from across the city (not only affected families/parents), will send a clear message that this “capacity management” plan is ill-conceived and unacceptable.

  2. If our children are the most important people in our lives, it is time that we start showing it. Let’s keep our school open and keep our children from living in commutes.