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Puppies @ The Bottleneck

How about taking on a new member of the family for the New Year?  Erin & Rebecca from The Bottleneck have spent the last month as temporary caretakers for three cute little puppies who need a good home.


The dogs will be at the bar today for a meet-and-greet, so stop by and check them out.  You can find out more about the dogs at And note the request to not bring your own furry beast for this initial introduction.


0 thoughts on “Puppies @ The Bottleneck

  1. Here’s some info on the breed for potentially interested owners:

  2. After falling in luv with my niece’s pup, and seeing the daily and nightly attention needed, I realize that HAVING a pet is not the same as raising a GOOD member of the family and community and that a dog would take more time than I have. I will take time off to acclimatize and train kittens, having done so before…..

  3. Hate the owner not the breed. These dogs can be wonderful pets with a well trained owner.
    FYI a Basset hound is more likly to bite you than a pit bull.