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Mini-Quake:!3{2}Your Reports

Evidently I slept all the way through the 4.5 earthquake we had this morning.  

Did you feel it?  Leave a comment below with your full report.

0 thoughts on “Mini-Quake:!3{2}Your Reports

  1. It woke me up this morning. I’d fallen asleep on the couch, and the couch was moving back and forth when I woke up.

  2. I was already awake at the time, not sure if it would have woken me up. But I definitely felt and heard it — I heard a creaking/groaning sort of noise for a second, then some relatively minor shaking back and forth of my bed. It was over too quickly for me to get scared.

  3. It was as if someone was standing at the foot of the bed and gave it a big, quick shove. I realized I was awake and it wasn’t a dream when my cat jumped down to the floor in the next room…she wasn’t happy about it!