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Best bus ride ever

So this morning I get on my normal bus, the 4 at MLK and Irving, and there is a different driver than usual. She says hello when I get on, I say hello back and then she continues on the route.

About 3 stops up there is a very handicapped person in a wheelchair waiting for the bus. The bus driver is very kind and sweet as she helps him on the lift and is very patient as she figures out where he needs to get off the bus. Very nice to see such kindness especially first thing in the morning.

A few more stops up, at 23rd and Yesler, a little kid of about 9 runs  for the bus and hops on. The bus driver asks him where he needs to go.  He names his school and the bus driver tells him he needs to be on the 48, not the 4. The kid stares at her blankly. The bus driver explains it again. The kid seems to understand and then hops of the bus and goes running for the 27. The bus driver gets off of the bus, yells after the kid to get back here. Once the kid gets back she tells the kid to wait right there for the 48 and to tie his shoe. The kid ties his shoe, stays put and the bus driver gets back on the bus and pulls away.

About 4 stops later once we’ve turned on Jefferson, a woman with 5 or 6 large trash bags of cans tries to get on the bus. The bus driver tells her that there isn’t room on the bus for all the bags. As all the bus riders are distracted over this, 4 cops get on the bus, 2 from the back and 2 from the front. The cops very peaceably arrest a man sitting across the aisle and 2 rows up from me. Once the cops and the man they’ve arrested are off the bus, the bus driver realizes that her bus is still surrounded by cop cars with flashing lights as the cops are questioning the man near the bus shelter. The bus driver asks a woman standing on the sidewalk to ask the cops to move their cars. The woman indicates “no way!” so the bus driver gets off of the bus and loudly calls at the cops to move their squad cars so that she can keep her bus on schedule. The cops nicely move two of the cars and the bus pulls away from the stop.

I arrive at work a bit late and full of respect for this bus driver.

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  1. You should let Metro know what a great driver she is — I’m sure she’d appreciate it. Thanks for the great report!

  2. Metro drivers put up with more, and react less than just about any customer service pros I’ve ever seen. And from my experience, the drivers on the 3 & 4 have achieved cosmic levels of serenity.

  3. I hope you made your appreciation known to the bus driver! I would also submit a note to Metro letting them know how you feel; it can only do good for the driver.

    So far, Metro has stood alone in both completely surpassing any of my customer service experiences and horrifying me in regards to safety and service.

  4. It’s great to know that people like the bus driver exist and I really enjoyed just reading the post.

  5. Are you sure you were in south seattle?? This is a first for a metro driver driving in our neighborhood.