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Winter Wonderland Part 2 (of 3): Open Thread

The good news:  It’s not snowing yet, and yesterday’s predictions of 1-5 inches in the city is now down to “less than a half inch” today and “around an inch” tonight, according to the National Weather Service

The bad news: Part of today’s precipitation could fall as rain, and it will freeze on contact with the pavement, creating sheets of ice that could completely ruin the evening commute.

Long Range: The cold will continue into next week, and we could have a whole other round of snow to look forward to on Sunday.  Yay?

If that happens, be sure to refer back to our color-coded map that shows which local roads will be the first to become impassible. (you’ll want to stay away from the black diamond routes)

Metro buses are also way off schedule and could get less dependable if the weather worsens today.  They’ve got a new page that will update you on any service changes.  And don’t forget to check out the details of your route using Metro’s “progressive, web-based tools” and see if it has a special winter weather route that could switch things up on you.


Use the comments below as an open thread to tell us what you’re seeing, where people should avoid going, and how you’re planning a long vacation to a warm tropical destination.

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  1. Snow is so uncommon here that I’ve started to get suckered into the weather reports – like they are better able to predict the snow than the rain. But, after canceling a couple appointments this morning for snow that didn’t come when predicted, I am coming back to my senses and remembering how unpredictable the water-from-the-sky aspect of the weather is here.

    So, anyway, a light rain just started falling here in Madison Valley . . . And, I can still see yesterday’s mini-glacier (sheet of ice) on the concrete outside my door.

  2. and there was thunder/lightning that boomed at least twice around 5:30 this morning that woke me up out of a deep sleep!

  3. Those thunder claps were amazing. I thought my house was going to crumble.
    Drove my wife down to S. Lake Union. Roads are OK, but I have a Subaru.
    Other people were having trouble on the hills……