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Urgent Request for Kids’ Party

Organizers of the “Jingle-Bell Jam” a holiday celebration for neighborhood kids at Garfield Community Center, announced at the Central District Council meeting tonight that the number of kids expected at the party tomorrow exceeds the number of gifts contributed. They are asking anyone who can to contribute a gift for a child. The party will be from 6:30 to 8:00 P.M. December 12, Friday, at the Garfield Community Center, 23rd and E. Cherry. There will be entertainment, games and a holiday treat. For more information call and ask about the “toys for tots” program at 206 684-4788.

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  1. Unwrapped is O.K. I’m told you can take gifts to the Garfield Community Center and they will do the wrapping; also told there are no particular monetary value guidelines. 684-4788 is the phone number for the Garfield Community Center which may be able to answer other unanswered questions.

  2. i’ve called a few times and gotten a random vmail.

    no worries. i’ll just drop something by later today.

  3. Just talked to them they said, “Bring them” so wanted to let you know they are still in need. They did mention as soon as possible because they are trying to get everything setup before 6:30.