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This Week: Schools, Festive Beers, & Katrina Movie

There quite a few events planned in the neighborhood for a holiday week. Here’s the list from the community calendar:

Tonight at 6:30pm: Your chance to speak out at the first neighborhood meeting about the school district’s plan to close TT Minor.   Note you have to register to testify (?!?) by calling 206-252-0042.  We won’t be able to make this, so please take notes, post a story, and let us all know what happens.

Tonight at 7pm: Cinematic Terribleness with David Schmader continues at Central Cinema (a CDNews sponsor) with the movie Leonard Part 6.  I heard last week’s screening of Battlefield Earth was hilarious, and it seems like Leonard has similar comedic potential.

Tonight at 8pm: What could be better than a tasty microbrew on a cold December night?  The Bottleneck (a CDNews sponsor) is hosting a special tasting of seasonal beers from Full Throttle Bottles

Tuesday at 9am: According to Andrew’s blog, there’s a special call-in tomorrow morning about school closures. Could be another chance to reinforce your opinions on the need to keep our neighborhood schools.   The number is 1-800-289-KUOW, or you can email [email protected]

Tuesday at 6:30pm: Another school closure meeting, this time regarding the NOVA alternative high school.  Again, you must call 206-252-0042 to register to testify.

Wednesday at 7pm: Monthly meeting of the Sustainable Central District group. Learn how to both save the earth and your pennies at the same time.

Thursday at 7pm: There’s a special screening of an award-winning documentary at Langston Hughes this week. It’s gotten some rave reviews, so check it out.


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0 thoughts on “This Week: Schools, Festive Beers, & Katrina Movie

  1. You can sign up to speak at the door if all 40 spots are not filled, which at this point they are not.

  2. To clarify- The meetings tonight at TT Minor and tomorrow at NOVA are public hearings, required under STATE law because the district plans to close these buildings. The district now proposes to end the TT Minor program and move NOVA. While I hope that neighbors will come and speak/listen in support of the student and school communities- the district may not hear “program” concerns. SO- it is very important that we voice our concerns over vacant properties, “walkable” and easy public transit access to schools, desire to build neighborhood schools…
    See you there.

  3. I emailed to testify last week and noticed it was not noted on the current list shown on the website and had luck in contacting the school board office to confirm and received a confirmation. Hopefully, others are also planning to attend and speak.

    (206) 252-0041

    (206) 252-0040

  4. NOVA invites its neighbors to join the school for a celebration of their community before tomorrow’s public hearing. Come on out and support (or learn more about) what looks to be one of the last alternative public schools in the district.

    5:00- Light dinner
    5:30- Art share (student works)
    6:30- Public hearing

    Horace Mann (NOVA) School
    2410 E. Cherry St.

  5. “trouble the water” is an absolutely amazing film about a woman and her family during and after katrina. It only ran for one week a month or two ago, so we’re really lucky to have it back in town, and in the neighborhood. I encourage everyone to go see it. the trailer:

  6. May I recommend the rock music of Jiffy?
    Thursday 12/18, playing as part of the Women in Arts and Music Showcase, at the Columbia City Theater (Lounge). Admission’s free, and there’s an opening act starting at around 8.